From Details to Deadlines…

7222…my journalistic mind for accuracy consistently produces a well-polished result. This applies to managing a writing team, coordinating a client’s special event, guiding a real estate transaction, and all else. Success comes in asking the right questions, listening carefully to the answers, and producing a timely finished product. I welcome you to this site, where my blog presents a collection of posts on a wide range of topics I enjoy, including cars, cycling, homes, presidents, and more.

bike92317My name is Ryan R. Sanderson. I’m a managing editor, a marketing manager, a real estate agent, and a road cyclist, to say the least. Having lived many chapters, I’m always writing the next one. That said, you’re welcome to join me for a 50-mile bicycle ride (ok, maybe 30 if you insist), unless of course festive cocktails and fine cuisine are more for you. I can move at any speed, in multiple environments. Most importantly I always appreciate the journey.

Let’s get rolling! 🙂


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