Personal Trivia


  • As a child I was educated in Cotillion.  Today I continue to enjoy ballroom dancing when the opportunity presents itself.  I also very much like to two-step.


  • I’ve always loved cars and can identify most if not all makes and models, even by headlights in the dark.  This comes with my photographic memory for license plate numbers.


  • Foreign languages came easy to me in my youth.  I was once fluent in speaking, reading and writing Spanish, having received high school achievement awards and AP-level proficiency.


  • I have a lifelong love of air travel and appreciation for large commercial aircraft.  I’m also quite knowledgeable of and fascinated with airline disasters.


  • Having attended military-style summer camp as a teen, I’m educated in and respect such structure and discipline.


  • I believe in dress codes.  I also enjoy dressing well when not required or expected.


  • I’m a trivia expert on “Dallas” and “Knots Landing.”


  • All my life I’ve enjoyed working on lawn and garden sprinklers.


  • My best and favorite sport in my youth:  downhill skiing.


  • I have a sense of humor on just about anything and am basically unoffendable.



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