As I always say, there’s nothing I won’t eat. Not one animal, fruit, vegetable, grain, flavor, spice or seasoning dissuades me. Sure, some food bores me, and there are certainly a few items I do not seek out. Still, put it in front of me and I’ll at least try it, speaking by U.S. standards that is. Certainly some extreme foreign delicacies have yet to pass before me.

While I’ll admittedly eat anything, I do know the difference between good and bad, superior and mediocre. So come my restaurant reviews, should I experience a meal that’s noteworthy in either direction. Not every meal is worth a write-up, but when one is, I’ll let you know about it.

A consumer I am, a cook I was not– until quite recently. Now I’m learning, while enjoying my trials and errors. Meanwhile you can always take over. Otherwise let’s make reservations!


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