My Career

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While editorial management is my daily work, my real estate activities remain active.

PUBLIC RELATIONS & SOCIAL MEDIA  As technology continues to evolve, so too has my work for my clients. PR has become much more than sending press releases and contacting media outlets. Strategies have multiplied, based on an array of new computer programs and online platforms related to e-mail marketing, video content management and social media post scheduling, all with the purpose of delivering the message to its intended audience. Along the way I’ve acquired plenty of new skills in areas that did not exist just a few years ago.

TELEVISION NEWS   For more than five years I was a news writer/content producer for KNBC in Burbank, California. I’ve also written for KTLA and KABC in Los Angeles, KRON in San Francisco, WTVQ in Lexington, and WGN in Chicago. Newscast writing involves examining various sources for a story, then turning this information into accurate and concise scripts for anchors to read live on the air. Video preparation was another aspect of my job, scanning footage and assembling timelines of shots to match the script. Content producers serve as the newsroom contact for reporters in the field, acting as their personal producer of sorts.

PROJECT WRITING & EDITING   My work has spanned a wide range of subject matter, consisting of newspaper editorials, press releases for upcoming launches and events, bar & restaurant reviews, TV & film commentary, full-length feature articles, and– given my robust sense of humor concerning most anything– satires. I’ve written and copy edited plenty of brochures, advertising copy and political campaign material, always tailored to the needs of a specific client and/or audience. I can quickly delve into almost any topic.

VIDEO RECORDING & EDITING   I might be called the original video blogger, as it’s something I began doing in 1993, in my college dorm room in front of my camera and television monitor, long before such online outlets came to exist. My video shooting experience began long before that even, in 1986, when, armed with my very first over-the-shoulder VHS camcorder, I started recording our various gatherings and special occasions. To this day, I record and edit video of events for both myself and others. With present-day technology, my process of creating a presentable finished piece is far more enjoyable.

ON-AIR EXPERIENCE   Despite what has been called my natural on-camera personality, I have not recently worked in front of the lens, unfortunately. I’ve never shied away from the opportunity however, nor will I. My on-air experience includes a modest amount of anchoring and reporting work, particularly for a news pilot project in 2004, following earlier reporting internships. Generally speaking, I’m always comfortable on camera, on stage, and in conducting live interviews with all types of personalities.

OTHER PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES   Like so many creative types, I have screenplay notes and outlines that have yet to come to fruition. Meanwhile, I’ve worked in the auto industry, the landscaping business, for a short-lived online start-up, at a major Hollywood movie studio, for a Washington D.C. interest group, and in the California wine industry. While my interests span a range, each experience has yielded distinct rewards.


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