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Cycling through the narrow, winding roads of the Presidio is proving to be not just physically satisfying, but pleasingly educational as well.

While the park’s hilly terrain presents some decent climbing and descending, the relatively open space and lack of stop lights, compared to the majority of San Francisco city regions, allows for the accumulation of a bit of non-city-like mileage.  Then come the variety of historical, artistic and geographic attractions of this national park, including the National Cemetery and the Legion of Honor, not to mention spectacular views.

The Thinker has me thinking...

It’s in the courtyard of the Legion of Honor that I discovered the presence of one of my favorite classic works of art, The Thinker.  Overall, I’m happy to be learning of so many treasures within this wooded northwestern tip of the Peninsula, as no doubt I’ve only scratched the surface thus far.

Who says you can’t manage some decent cycling within San Francisco itself?  The Presidio serves as further testimony that indeed you can, as long as you initially figure out some of the tricky routes and turns within the park itself.  More awaits me on this front.

Suffice to say, such cycling seems to be working well for my body, if not my curious mind.  I certainly recommend adding this area to your own path of exploration.  A jaunt through the Presidio should certainly keep you, well… thinking!

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