The Diesel Comeback

09 Mar

Today’s growing production of diesel-engine cars, especially large diesel luxury cars, has certainly piqued my interest.  First, I think, it’s the early 1980s all over again, when at one point Mercedes-Benz offered five diesel-engine models in its U.S. lineup.  Granted, if nothing else, this time around has already proven much cleaner and quieter.

An increasingly common badge on the road

Then, I continue to think, it’s time for me to get out and drive at least a couple of the various new luxury diesel models, to really see and feel what diesel-circa-2011 is all about.  (Personal diesel trucks have existed all along and are another story altogether.)  The last occasion on which I recall driving a diesel car was in 1992, when I enjoyed the use of a 1982 300 SD.  Clearly, times have since evolved, and it’s safe to guess that diesels of today, with a nod to Audi, will accelerate faster than I can run!

If diesels are now or becoming poised to compete with hybrids, while offering competitive MPG with superior power, then I’m all for it.  After all, my hybrid-driving experience has thus far yielded about as much satisfaction as riding a city bus.  The diesel comeback has my attention.  Now let’s see if it wins!

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