Bridge to Bridge Shift

02 Jun

Now into my eighth month of living in the City by the Bay, I continue to be impressed not only by interesting “new” cycling climbs still being discovered – as was the case around Bernal Heights Park this morning – but also by how very, VERY quickly the weather here changes.

Quite a shift it was today, no doubt.  As I pedaled out of Bernal Heights and headed north past AT&T Park toward the Bay Bridge, my jersey, shorts and gloves were very wet from the drizzle that had turned into rainfall.  The sky remained gray overhead well after the drops ceased.  Then, merely minutes later when I reached the Golden Gate, clear blue sky dominated the view.  By this time my bicycle, clothing – and body – were dry.

From one bridge to another, today’s weather shifted faster than some of my gears!  I’d add this to the list of great reasons to live in San Francisco, if it weren’t on there already.


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