Miles Ahead…

31 Dec

Of all the ways to describe my 2011… the year of discovery, the year of lessons, and thanks to the record-low mileage on my car’s odometer, the year of literally going nowhere… among all else at least I can say this about my first entire calendar year as a resident of San Francisco:  My 2011 cycling mileage did indeed surpass that of 2010.  Granted this came– and just barely so– with conscious December effort upon literally getting my butt in gear after some previous months of– how shall we say– focus on other activities.

And now, here I type once again on this, another December 31.  As always on this day, I think back over the uniqueness and memories of my past 12 months, while reminding myself that no matter what they turn out to be, the next 12 months ahead will certainly be different than the last.  After all, nothing and no one remain the same.  As such, I lift a glass to toast both the end of one year-long “season” and the beginning of the next.  Literally and figuratively, miles and miles ahead remain to be pedaled!

May your “miles ahead” be welcoming, challenging and rewarding, be them my gas pedal, throttle, leg muscles, or anything more cerebral.  Happy New Year 2012!

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