Not One Ride Soon Enough!

11 Mar

It closed, it opened, and then it closed again.  The word is the Golden Gate Bridge bicycle lane will reopen– hopefully for good this time– by “the beginning of April.”

More Saturdays than not so far this year, I’m one of many cyclists “forced” to brave the bridge’s narrow, crowded, east-side walkway to Marin, then later a second time when even more congested and unruly– back across to San Francisco.  In a rare moment of not dodging slow-moving, seemingly oblivious, camera-snapping packs of pedestrians, I glance across lanes of traffic to an empty, lifeless west-side bikeway– not a worker in sight– spotting no visual reason as to why on a Saturday, an obvious day off from the bridge’s current repairs, this very necessary stretch should remain closed.  And then it’s back to the “obstacles” ahead.

Suffice to say, the beginning of April cannot come one ride soon enough!

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