This Delicious Day in History

28 Mar

March 28:

37 – Roman Emperor Caligula accepts the titles of the Principate, entitled to him by the Senate.

845 – Paris is sacked by Viking raiders, probably under Ragnar Lodbrok, who collects a huge ransom in exchange for leaving.

1738 – English parliament declares war on Spain (War of Jenkin’s Ear)

1774 – Britain passes Coercive Act against Massachusetts

1776 – Juan Bautista de Anza finds the site for the Presidio of San Francisco

1794 – Louvre opens to the public

1799 – NY State abolished slavery

1845 – Mexico drops diplomatic relations with US

1866 – First ambulance goes into service

1881 – Greatest Show On Earth was formed by PT Barnum & James A Bailey

1885 – US Salvation Army officially organized

1910 – First seaplane, takes off from water at Martinques France (Henri Fabre)

1920 – Actor Douglas Fairbanks marries actress Mary Pickford

1933 – German Reichstag confers dictatorial powers on Hitler

1939 – Spanish Civil War ends, Madrid falls to Francisco Franco

1944 – Astrid Lindgren sprains ankle & begins writing Pippi Longstocking

1945 – Last German V-2 (buzz bomb) attack on London

1959 – China dissolves Tibet’s government

1960 – Pope John raises the first Japanese, first African & first Filipino cardinal

1974 – Ryan R. Sanderson is born

2012- A delicious and delightful lunch is enjoyed at the newly remodeled Hotel Bel Air, featuring steak tartar and sashimi salad, to celebrate Ryan’s 38th birthday.  Ryan rests very satisfied with the occasion and recommends the dining destination to all.

The healthy, relatively light and very well-presented sashimi salad is a must!

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