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Another Year, Done.

Having cycled more than 5700 miles in 2013, you’d think I were in top physical shape.  Let’s just say that for as much as I love food, a smaller number on the scale is in order for early 2014.  It happened last January:  Patrick and I both lost TEN pounds in 30 days!  Then throughout the year we put it back on and then some.

2013 brought us our seemingly well-planned move out of San Francisco to the sandy outskirts of Los Angeles, a big lifestyle change that we welcomed at the time while viewing as a relatively short-term stepping stone.  As such we’re already plotting our next move into the new year, likely within Southern California– but perhaps not.

For better or worse this was our year of change, challenge and consideration.  As ’13 becomes ’14 we’re braced for more of the same while welcoming our longer-term home.  Along this path of course will come my much-anticipated life milestone, about which many of you will soon be hearing in advance!

Another year, done.  Here’s to a prosperous, rewarding and all-around fabulous 2014 to come!

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