Rest Day 2: Just Barely Beginning.

21 Jul

My mention on this day last year regarding spectators stands just as relevant now, while my fondness for that unforgettable French baker of two years ago has not faded.

On this second rest day, while our minds here at home are permitted to wander, clearly it’s all focus for 161 remaining competitors heading into this third and final week of Le Tour de France.  After all, Paris will greet them in just six more stages, by no means a quick or easy stretch after two unforgiving weeks of mounting fatigue, with plenty more hard climbing to come.

Horse racing, TDF style.

Horse racing, TDF style.

In any case, we might say the riders are just barely beginning to see the end.  Among all else, perhaps we’ll be treated to one more “horse race” on the way into town, along with any more surprises on the road that, true to cycling, forever remain impossible to predict.

Roadside entertainment lives.

TDF sprints come in all forms.


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