Yes, But, Will It Matter?

24 Sep

And so it happened.  Minus one more it is for the Ewing family, given the sudden demise of a character whom original-show fans have known since birth.  A big surprise to us viewers and a great loss to the cast it is no doubt, but at this point we’re left to ask, will it matter?  This is to say, another season remains to be confirmed.  Meanwhile, at least storyline plans appear well underway, while everything I’ve had to say before now stands.  Nevertheless, should “Dallas” return, and despite the level of unbelievable insanity sure to ensue, I’ll certainly be watching– with even more interest if Patrick Duffy again directs.  We know anything could happen after all.  Christopher could always show up taking a shower one day, like father like son of course.

The two remaining originals, in the spirit of the one-and-only.

The two remaining originals, amid the spirit of the one-and-only.

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