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Not Just In Brentwood…

Both within my primary service area and beyond, my eyes are on homes for sale everywhere between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  This listing on Sanlo Place in Woodland Hills naturally triggers my personal interest.  If you know me at all, you know why of course!


This one-story corner residence has been on the market for some time now.  In other words, it’s not selling.  In further words, it suffers some challenges and definitely needs at least a bit of work.  While visitors will certainly make such judgements for themselves, let’s just say I’m knowledgeable of much of the property’s history that might prove helpful to a potential buyer. Some present characteristics are changeable, while a respectable amount of quality prevails in key places.  Altogether, knowing when and how various features were first introduced, I’m picturing how best to restore this home to its day.  (And I clearly remember that lovely day!)


If you’d like a unique perspective on 5018 Sanlo Place, I’m here.  For better or worse, I’m based in Brentwood– but not just in Brentwood.



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