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Untouched & Unmistakable



Some designs in the automotive world never change, nor should they.  As we now approach the 50th anniversary of a beloved icon that debuted in 1963, and throughout this past half-century of remarkable technological advancement, the basic shape remains largely untouched and refreshingly unmistakable.

In other words, a Porsche 911 is and seemingly always will be, well, a Porsche 911.  Having recently enjoyed my first roadside spotting of 911’s newest incarnation– the seventh-generation 991— among all else, the longer, flatter tail lights immediately flagged a striking resemblance to its oldest predecessors.  Before delving further into the features of this amazingly advanced machine, I was already both impressed and nostalgic.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche clearly made an indelible mark on the auto industry, while living long enough to see this latest version of his half-century-old creation.  May he now rest in peace.  And may all future 911 generations continue to respect and preserve Mr. Porsche’s original, one-of-a-kind design.

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Posted by on May 4, 2012 in Cars, History, Transportation


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