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A True Texas Day


The Texas Hill Country beckons, because “all the world is welcome here.” Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park invites visitors to explore at their own curious pace, navigating a self-guided tour across LBJ Ranch from Junction School to the Texas White House and everything in between, including the impressive “Air Force One-Half.” And what a coincidence that I’ve published this post on August 27, the 36th president’s birthday.

My afternoon of exploration was anything but boring. History, facts, and a vast collection of interesting moments leaped out at me for the embrace. Among all else, and perhaps most insignificantly, I discovered that Lady Bird as a widow drove a 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis around the ranch, if not elsewhere. Speaking of cars, the 1965 Corvette that daughter Luci was gifted for her 18th birthday sits clearly on display. Meanwhile, the living descendants of Lyndon’s Herefords appear to roam freely– and sometimes block the road. The ranch’s communications system that was swiftly created upon LBJ’s unexpected assumption of the office remains at least partially visible. The family cemetery showcases the president’s and first lady’s resting places from a cordoned distance, still close enough to make out their names. And all this barely begins to describe all that awaits to be seen and learned.

I’m thrilled to have finally made the trip to this Texas site I’ve for so long wanted to see. Combined with time in nearby Johnson City, historic Fredericksburg, and even the famous venue of Luckenbach, my experience was a great one, a true Texas day. Yours will be too!

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