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Happy New Year, Take Two

This year we get two New Year’s Days, thanks to January 1 falling on a Sunday.  After all, no start of a new year is quite complete without the Tournament of Roses Parade.  And for very established though perhaps somewhat head-scratching reasons, the parade– as well as the Rose Bowl Game— never take place on the Sabbath.

According to the Tournament of Roses Association, the longstanding “Never on Sunday” policy was instituted in 1893 “in order to avoid frightening horses tethered outside local churches and thus interfering with worship services.”  Other sources credit the push to Monday as some sort of an agreement between God and rain, which a few times in over hundred years has proven a bum deal.  In any case, like it or not, this is a longstanding tradition that has always been honored and will continue to be.

As for the Rose Bowl, apparently it skips Sunday to avoid conflict with the NFL.  As for all the parade organizers and participants, they can enjoy a real New Year’s Eve!  As for the rest of us, well–  we simply get two New Year’s Days instead of just one.  So perhaps it’s a win-win after all.  Happy New Year 2012… again!

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