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Always A Plus

A 120-mile motorcycle excursion proved most enjoyable yesterday, especially considering the rarity of such an event for me these days.  Suffice to say, in this first third of 2012 the miles have added up far more quickly on my bicycle than my motorcycle– 1250 versus 700 respectively– and not by accident.

No miles of any kind accumulate all that quickly within San Francisco itself, inviting the satisfaction of any beyond-the-city journey.  Still, while the motorcycle has become my almost-daily city commuting tool, the bicycle continues to enable my longstanding pleasures of strength, endurance and distance.  Gone is my time, so it appears, of an 11,000-mile motorcycling year.  At the same time, still to return is a year of bicycling 6,000 miles.  While anticipating this accomplishment, at least I’m reminded of the pleasures of a motor once in a while.

Motorcycling has its place no doubt, and fortunately I’ve not had to choose one over the other.  However, as I’ve said more than once over my past 2.5 years of owning a motorcycle:  I’m a bicyclist first, and I always will be.  Of course my preference also burns more calories, which is always a plus!


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Two on Two

On this day two years ago, to my great excitement, relative fear and mild disbelief, I became a motorcycle owner.  Exactly one year later, as I wrote here in my debut blog post on November 1, 2010, those first 12 months had carried me 11,302 miles.  On the purchase date of 11/1/09, my “new” motorcycle’s odometer read 6801.  On 11/1/10, it read 18103. Today on this auspicious date of 11/1/11, coupled with my slightly different form of mild disbelief, the odometer reads 22681.  It turns out these second 12 months have thrown me an underwhelming 4,578 miles of motorcycling distance, a mere 40 percent of the previous year’s amount.

Here's to "Two on Two!"

The mildly disbelieving part here is that I don’t feel I’ve been on my motorcycle any less in the second year than the first.  After all, I use it almost everyday as a general form of transportation– granted, on the 7×7 tip of a peninsula for the most part.  Obviously, compared to my riding all over L.A. last year, my current typical daily coverage area has been drastically reduced in 2011.  No longer am I riding 50 miles in one direction just to have lunch; now it’s all about city stop-and go, save the very occasional jaunt to San Jose, Sacramento, Napa or for a couple special events a bit beyond. Altogether, the mileage just has not accumulated.  Brake wear– well that’s another story.

The year-old tires remain unscathed, the brake pads and chain have been replaced, a few more passengers have had their spin, and the only thing my now-proven-faithful SV really needs on his birthday is a bath!  As a relatively low-key Halloween passes into history, and while this blog today is one year old, I take this moment to mark a safe, educational and thankful “two on two.”

Now for the start of year three with yours truly in the saddle…

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