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Rounding 1000.

After five years and two months of using Strava to record each and every one of my bicycle rides, finally on this final day of the third quarter of 2017 comes the notable number I’ve anticipated for quite some time. Of course I’ll always say this should have occurred sooner, but nevertheless it’s here– amid all other related totals.  And now all I can do is roll onward…

Strava 9:30

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If Only…

At 108 miles in the first week of this year, the odometer sits ever so slightly ahead of last year’s 103 at this time.  If only I could not just maintain this rate in the coming weeks and months, but better yet exceed it, my 2013 cycling mileage will far surpass that of 2012.  Then again, while a new year always seems to start strong, demands on my time– such as making a living of course– won’t always keep the miles rolling in.  If only I were getting paid to ride, the numbers would be off the charts.  In any case, it’s always good to have goals– and dreams– along with a nice view on a crisp and cloudy morning.  Strava can keep track of the rest!

From the top of the Marin Headlands on a post-rain January morning.

From the top of the Marin Headlands on a post-rain January morning.

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