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As Usual… But Most UN-usual.

The stage one finish line, just minutes before riders crossed it.

So THIS is how the 100th Tour de France gets underway?  Really?  Well, yes.  Really.  I mean, a big crash of riders less than two miles from the finish– as happened today involving Peter Sagan and Mark Cavendish– is one thing, unfortunate yet par for the course.  However, a team bus stuck under the finish line’s timing banner, with leading riders just minutes away, is quite something else.  As this downright ridiculous situation unfolded on live television early this morning, I couldn’t help but brace for imminent disaster.

Fortunately the unlucky coach was dislodged and removed in just the nick of time, rendering the intended finish line open for business.  All the last-minute chaos and temporary moving of stage one’s ending spot surely caused confusion among at least some of the riders however.  And this seems to have led to that crash that ultimately produced a different stage 1 winner than presumably would have been.

As usual, I suppose we must again say, “C’est Le Tour.”  However, today’s crazy circumstances proved most UN-usual.  So begins Le Tour de France for 2013.  Let’s hope tomorrow ends a little more smoothly.

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