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New Year’s “Firsts”

2011 got off to a wet and cold start, at least here in the Bay Area.  Of course for San Francisco’s lack of icicles and snow piles, the term “cold” is relative.  Now as the third morning of this new year unfolds, an encouraging amount of sunshine and blue sky is attempting to overtake the mostly sedentary cloud cover.

After celebrating the arrival of 2011 at my lifelong friend Ashley’s fabulous home gathering in Menlo Park, and following a tranquil day of coffee sipping, Christmas light dismantling and continued neighborhood socializing, day two of 2011 brought me two firsts.  This is to say, yesterday ushered in my first bicycle AND my first motorcycle rides of the year, in the same day thankfully enough.  The rain, to my pleasant surprise, mostly held off.

And now, the “first” Monday is here.  The “season” truly is over.  It’s time now, to no surprise, for our first 2011 round of “work,” in whatever form this takes for each of us.  My resume has already gone out this morning to the first relevant job posting I’ve come across this year, and my first phone interview appointment is set for tomorrow.  I’m on my way now to my first gym workout of the year, before tackling my first list of tasks for the day.  Meanwhile today, Jerry Brown becomes governor of California.  This is perhaps the only thing, like it or not, that’s not a first.


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