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The iPhone Answer?

After several reliable and issue-free years of Verizon mobile phone service, in late 2008 I made the compulsory switch to AT&T, purely because I chose to get an iPhone.  Despite the enjoyment and many advantages of the device itself, overall service quality has never been the same.  In fact, as a good number of iPhone users will agree, AT&T’s coverage and signal strength is far inferior to that of Verizon.

Finally, and perhaps not a moment too soon, the game is changing.  Verizon now says it will sell and support the iPhone.  With this announcement, the war between the two rival providers looks like it will stick around for a while, if not grow. 

No doubt this will be an interesting technical evolution for all of us concerned.  Over time, will Verizon’s iPhone service really prove the better?  Or will AT&T earn the “not-so-bad-after-all” title?

Considering my current AT&T calls are dropped on an almost daily basis, and/or I get no signal at all, especially in hilly parts of San Francisco where friends’ Verizon signals in the exact same spot remain strong, I’m tempted to sooner or later give Verizon iPhone service a try.  With the time remaining on my current contract, however, “later” may be my answer.  Verizon, meanwhile, will have plenty of time to prove its superiority in the iPhone world.

Will this be the iPhone answer for all of us?

And that’s my opinion… thus far.

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