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At Last.

Commentator Phil Liggett often reminded viewers throughout the past three weeks that there’s no shame in finishing last in Le Tour de France. Of course, surviving 21 stages to finish in Paris is always a feat for any rider. This year’s last-place finisher in particular has shown himself to be the most respected recipient of the “lanterne rouge” in recent cycling history.


Only five Americans competed in this year’s Tour de France out of 176 riders to start. The U.S. needed to make its mark on Le Tour once again, and, well… it happened. While the amazing Peter Sagan took three stages and survived a third-week crash to finish with his sixth green jersey, Philippe Gilbert climbed back up the wall over which he flew to complete the day with a broken kneecap, and the consistent-yet-cracking Chris Froome squeaked his way onto the final podium alongside his maillot jaune-winning teammate Geraint Thomas, the most impressive display of sportsmanship in my opinion, and that of many, came from this year’s holder of that lanterne rouge. My hat– or rather, my helmet– is off to Lawson Craddock, not only the first American in Tour de France history to earn this final designation, but also an inspiring fighter in the face of overwhelming physical, mental and emotional challenge.

At last, three typically grueling yet glorious weeks have seen their end.  At last, it’s a very special viewpoint. And at last, good can come. C’est Le Tour, encore!


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There’s No Substitution.

While many appetizing descriptors come to mind, suffice to say this incredible mound of meat is worth every dollar, no matter how many more dollars it seems to command these days. There’s no substitution for steak tartare at the Polo Lounge. A true indulgence it continues to be!


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The Dish That Never Fails


What the Musso & Frank Grill has done for almost 100 years, it continues to do flawlessly.  There’s just no going wrong here with liver and onions!  This impeccable dish never fails; it’s a delicious classic well worth the trip on any given day,

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One to Encourage.

A few weeks back, while strolling Manhattan’s Upper East Side in the late afternoon, I happened to come upon The Beach Cafe on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 70th Street, ironically named considering there’s no beach in sight. The place looked interesting and inviting, so I went inside and took a seat at the bar. Within minutes as I sipped my negroni, I caught sight of a posted notice overhead that struck me with delight, one with which I agree wholeheartedly. It prompted a conversation with the pleasant lady sitting a few stools down, and we quickly agreed this policy is one to encourage everywhere. In other words, men, take off your hats when sitting at a bar, and especially at a table! Thank you for the connection, Yvonne!



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Still Not the Same…

tdf17countryHaving already said it once last week, now I say it again: It won’t be the same. And needless to say, it hasn’t been. In fact, it seems to get more and more different with each passing day. I’m speaking of course of this year’s Tour de France, just one week in and now paused on the first rest day. The following article echoes my sentiments, as I sit at home:

“As we come to the end of the first rest day of the 2017 Tour de France, the race has been saturated with so much drama and controversy that it’s hard to believe only nine days of racing have taken place. The Tour has lost the World Champion to disqualification, the most successful Tour sprinter to injury and the main contender to Chris Froome for the yellow jersey to one of the most horrific crashes in memory, all in only a matter of days. The attitude from the riders is always ‘C’est le Tour’, and the show must go on. Perhaps those of us in the race have a different vision of events to those at home, but for many here the controversy, the crashes and the abandons have eclipsed everything else this year – sadly even the competition itself.”

Much of the initial wind has left the sails– if I may apply a sailing analogy to cycling. I’ll continue watching, as most of us professional cycling fans will. And, I won’t be surprised when Paris brings us yet another very predictable, unchallenged, and dare I say rather unexciting win for Chris Froome. But wait, that’s one thing that WOULD be the same about this Tour. For all else that’s already not the same, especially after 12 riders lost in stage 9 alone, let’s see what else changes over the next two weeks.


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A Commendable Effort, I say.

After three tedious debates, in addition to their countless daily soundbites, our two currently most watched Americans finally showed their supposedly humorous sides– or at least we should say: they tried (one of them succeeding more than the other, as some of us will agree). Now in hindsight, this notable evening sounds all the better when summarized in two and a half minutes!

Dean Martin and Phyllis Diller they’re not, but I commend their efforts nonetheless.  If only we heard this sort of banter from them more often, perhaps the process through which we’re all now living would be a bit more palatable. All the more reason to enjoy such a rare occasion, I say.


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There’s Always One.

You might think a small condominium complex of just 20 units could run itself harmoniously, as familiar neighbors interact regularly, share pertinent information openly, and enjoy each other’s individual freedom of expression. It can certainly happen, especially in a space more than a half century old. Over the years and through the decades, given a changing mix of unique yet sensible residents, the overall way of life should be rooted in peace and mutual respect.

This ideal remains an appealing thought, no doubt. Sadly however, in the case of at least one such complex, you’ll need to think again. What would seem a given proves not to be, as logic and common sense that were once the order of the day, now quickly dissipate in favor of arbitrary, small-minded policing. At this point you ask: How does this happen, and why?

The answer lies in that occasionally useful yet historically logic-lacking and self-important entity called the Homeowners’ Association, or HOA. Within it, the more specific answer hits you like Christmas lights in July:  There’s always one.


The “one” rises to psuedo-power through a maddening combination of apathy, absence and downright spinelessness. Some homeowners don’t care, others are not around, and the remaining few simply can’t handle confrontation and therefore will accept it. And now you ask yourself:  Care about what?  What exactly is “it”?

It, to elaborate, is the matter of one new resident who’s lived in the complex for a very short time, making her way onto the HOA board and soon becoming the HOA president, voted in by the aforementioned apathy, absence and spinelessness. In other words, who voted her in? Herself and two other people, perhaps? Clearly the voices of 20 homeowners have not been heard, if this new president ever faced any challenge at all.

Now “the one” has taken her unearned place, conveniently comforted and encouraged by one or two fellow residents who’ve decided to support her “vision.” From here, that self-serving vision is off and running, and nothing will be the same again. What once was, for any number of years and decades, will soon be no longer. The complaints begin, the violation letters get written, and new so-called rules are “proposed.” All the while, the apathy continues. The absence remains. And most frightening of all, the spinelessness prevails. “The one” is well on her path to turning a 50-year-old property into her own creation, merely to suit her own narrow idea of what “everyone” wants, all other residents who’ve lived there 10 times longer be damned. The individual freedom of expression that was clearly established on day one now faces extinction, and jaw-droppingly enough, no one seems to feel threatened, at least not enough to fight back.

HOAs-bullies.pngHOAs maintain necessary order, such as keeping tin foil out of windows and piles of garbage off balconies. The element of enforcement, however, can be taken too far, as “the one” in this case has proven. Whether one unit displays a bird feeder and the other a decorative wind chime should not be a topic of discussion, nor should any newcomer dictate policies to 25+ year residents. The fact that it happens, though far from uncommon in HOAs of all sizes, is simply deplorable. After all, it’s one thing if strict rules of uniformity exist in a development from day one, when potential residents can choose whether or not to live there. It’s quite another for any HOA to try to create such rules decades in, thus altering the longstanding way of life of an existing community.

A mere 20 units should not be subject to such impersonal, bureaucratic strife. In other words, it doesn’t have to be so unpleasant or difficult! Regular and relaxed interaction, open sharing of information, mutual respect, and most of all, freedom of expression, should easily flourish tomorrow just as it all did yesterday. Ironically enough, while an HOA might justify their efforts as promoting harmony, in reality all it’s doing is stripping away any harmony already in place. And for what? For everything to look the same, void of personality and distinction?

The bottom line for any home buyer, or even renter, is this: Beware of the HOA under which you’ll live. Find out everything you need to know ahead of time, and make an informed decision that suits your lifestyle. More importantly, find out whether longtime rules are well in place and generally accepted, or if controversial efforts are underway to create new ones. Most of all, amid the possibility of wrongdoing, know what flies.  After all, what you might think is common sense, won’t necessarily be so, thanks to a misplaced, unhappy individual who does nothing more than ruin the otherwise pleasant community for everyone. In the end, there’s always one.


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Another Key to Longevity?


Photo Courtesy: WGN Radio

A truly special occasion falls upon “Mr. Warmth” himself on this Mother’s Day. The one-and-only Don Rickles has turned 90 years old!

Having outlived nearly all of his original pals of the stage and screen, while still remarkably pressing on with his unparalleled brand of insult comedy, “The Merchant of Venom” remains very much with us. You might say this legendary comedian owns yet another key to longevity, that is if hurling good-natured insults at all types and ethnicities of people happens to prolong life. (Let’s pretend it does.) In any case, Mr. Rickles has certainly mastered his craft, time and time again.  Thankfully he’s not finished quite yet!

Plus, he remains in good company.  After all, at least two other famous, accomplished male legends in their own rights are right behind him, both coming up on 90 very quickly themselves. Can you name them offhand?


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A Big Leap Into History

IMG_1964Attractively tucked away within the discrete terrain of Brentwood Canyon comes this refreshingly authentic mid-century gem, complete with that ideal medley of nostalgic appointments to remind us the best craftsmanship truly stands the test of time– not to mention an occasional shake or two of the earth.  While a full-length partition of decorative cinderblock blends seamlessly with original period railings, wide flat steps and an expansive stretch of floor-to-ceiling glass, that’s merely the view from the curb! Mindful of this auspicious February 29, take a big leap through those classic double doors into the remarkable entirety of well-polished history that awaits.  If you appreciate such preserved and timeless residential style as I do, you shan’t be disappointed with 1115 N. Norman Place.  Simply drive on over in your ’65 Coupe deVille convertible to appropriately complete the experience.


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A Plunge All Its Own.

Imagine swimming from one end of the house to the other.  Then again, if you happen to reside at 1814 N. Doheny Drive, why bother to imagine?  Simply take the plunge– literally from the edge of your master bathtub– and float on down to check on your living room guests if not beckon for a refreshment to emerge from the onlooking kitchen area.

When it comes to maximizing limited outdoor space, the architectural feats of this new construction clearly win.  From merely this one of several remarkable water features comes so much more to dazzle and delight throughout nearly 8300 square feet of ultra-contemporary living space.  The photos beat all words, while a visit trumps all.

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On The Edge…

IMG_1768A dip in the pool might feel infinite in more ways than one, both for the unending views beyond the water’s horizon, combined with such boundless luxuries in which you’re enveloped. From the far-reaching edge of a completely private backyard, into limitless interior living spaces intelligently balancing fire, water and glass to yield an ideal combination of warmth, texture and openness, this brand-new construction tells its own story in no way words can match. Pool and all, 1740 Bel Air Road sits proudly on the edge– the cutting edge that is– of contemporary architecture, modern decor and unapologetic opulence sure to shine for decades.

From above Beyond...

From inside... As it stands...

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“Inside Out”

1281 backyard 1281 inside out

Such a seamless transition from living room to pool– five good steps to be exact– effortlessly unites interior space with the outdoors.  The fact that an entire uninterrupted stretch of living room– from bar past fireplace to kitchen– literally peels open in one grand disappearance of glass to the view-lined backyard, dramatically cements this union.  Meanwhile, the abundant remainder of this striking yet inviting home remains to be discovered.  Altogether, the many contemporary architectural elements of 1281 Loma Vista Drive truly bring the “inside out.”

1281 living room 1281 transition

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

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A Welcome Step Back

The openness of its flowing single-story floor plan beckons for yet another well-attended, smartly attired cocktail party, as quite likely countless such occasions have here been enjoyed.  This is, after all, an entertainer’s playground inside and out, with more than enough space to mingle graciously through the vast, lattice-bordered living room along the terrazzo-floored walkways and walnut cabinetry to the equally roomy combined dining-family room, en route to the telltale floor-to-ceiling walls of glass opening onto the expansive lawn area with tree-lined city views beyond.

Rear Front

If “cottage cheese” ceilings, floral wallpaper and white pile carpet sound appealing, then absolutely nothing need be done to this sweeping 4+5 corner-lot residence.  It’s move-in ready, complete with outdoor lattice to match the living room’s. Nevertheless, even such basic and expected cosmetic updates, plus the uncomplicated addition of a pool, will in no way tarnish the magical aura of this inarguably magnificent mid-century Trousdale Estate.

Family room Living room

Remarkably yet respectfully, 1012 Loma Vista Drive has seen but one owner since it’s construction in 1958.  For all the martini shaking this 4,078 square feet should likely have seen, every detail proves impeccably maintained.  Altogether, this truly classic property presents a welcome step back in time, quite literally a once-in-a-lifetime chance at that.  Thankfully such elegant and sound architecture stands to be celebrated time and again for decades to come.


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Options Abound.

Situated high along a prime vantage point of Pacific Palisades comes this modest yet commanding mid-century residence, well deserving of a creative combination of preservation, restoration and modernization.  While the impressive ocean and canyon views clearly speak for themselves, this home by itself speaks volumes in terms of classic style and update potential.

   16007_1 16007_2

It’s all in the cosmetics, for better and worse.  While the kitchen countertop and cabinets should certainly go as quickly as the cottage cheese ceiling, the rock fireplace, full-length sliding glass doors and newer roof might not so quickly be discarded.  After all, what’s at hand here is an understated yet impressive array of quality, durability and decor to be appreciated, obviously needed improvements notwithstanding.  Whatever the future holds for this property, from modest restoration to major rebuilding, the options abound at 16007 Anoka Drive.

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For Me, It’s Not…

“It’s no longer The City. It’s not the fog-lined streets Herb Caen described as a woman putting on her slip and sneaking out in the pre-dawn shadows of Sunday morning. It’s not the foghorn quieting conversation over cocktail hour. It’s not finding comfort in all the similarly octagon-tiled bathroom floors of Pacific Heights.” (Pridgen/DPBSports)

My City That Was...

Having lived in “The City” for three years after spending significant time there throughout two decades preceding, the idea of moving back occasionally crosses my mind.  Then when I read articles such as this quoted above, I’m reminded that my occasional idea is not exactly a good one, sadly enough.  While there seem to be more ways that ever to say “it’s not,” perhaps the hardest one of all, personally speaking, is to say:  “It’s not for me (in more ways than it is).”

But then, change comes to everyone and everything, as fortunately and unfortunately very little remains the same forever.  On that note, check with me in five years for an update to my thoughts on living in San Francisco.  That change might come sooner than we think.

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Adding to My Bucket List…

Checking out the offerings du jour from my newest favorite sales source, this beautiful gem quickly rose to the top.  1978 was certainly a good year for SLs.  As such, I’m adding to my bucket list a cross-country road trip from Vermont to California.

The details are here, in case you beat me to it:

1978 Mercedes-Benz 450SL for sale #1765408 | Hemmings Motor News.

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“It’s certainly no longer surprising to see someone brandishing one of these wands of self-importance. Maybe they still inspire eye-rolls. But either there are enough people who don’t care if they look silly or there are enough people who realize that selfie sticks are rather convenient.” (Contrera, Washington Post Style Blog, 6/28/15)

 IMG_8652  In a mirror...

Granted, pulling out “the stick” mid-roller coaster ride seems like a bad idea.  But for such poor judgment to bring about a park-wide ban?  Balderdash, I say.  A selfie stick sensibly exercised on solid, open ground in front of a picture-worthy backdrop is hardly going to cause harm to anyone. And naturally, how you or I might appear to others remains irrelevant.  I did indeed happen to receive “the gift of 2014” myself, and I like it.  Unfortunately, Disney is now the one to say balderdash to me and all the rest of you who believe convenience trumps silliness.


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From Within.


Upon mere outside glance the decision might be a difficult one, given such immediate similarity between the C and CLA.  As well discussed however, the numerous distinctions come from within the engineering of these two Mercedes-Benz cars, not to mention that other difference– the one from within your bank account.  Horsepower, drivetrain and rear headroom aside, talking pure looks in this case, I get the feeling I’d opt for the lower-priced CLA myself.  Et vous?

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To The Very End.

Is it just me, or was this year’s lot of Super Bowl commercials rather bland and underwhelming? Wait, I can quickly answer my own question:  It’s not just me.  Never mind I seem to be saying the same thing every year; 2015 out-dulled itself. Oh sure, we were treated to everything from a JFK voiceover to Kardashian egocentrism, media history vis-a-vis a Couric-Gumbel reunion, celebrity appearances by the likes of Matt Damon and Chelsea Handler, and my personal favorite of the evening– the latest nostalgic nod to television sitcom history with the clever and winning union of “The Brady Bunch” and Snickers.  Still, not enough I’m afraid.

(Courtesy: Shamburger/

Altogether, my favorite moment of the evening came not from an ad, but during the game itself. Imagine that!  The final interception that sealed New England’s win– and Tom Brady’s immediate reaction to it– are far more memorable than any 30 or 60 second “break” from the action.  Unlike last year, Super Bowl XLIX produced a close, unpredictable and truly exciting game to the very end, brawl included!  The commercials will just have to keep trying.

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It’s Fine.

In advance of this Sunday’s annual round of pricey TV spots, I like many have seen the so-called “controversial” GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial that– thanks to the typical set of complainers– will not be aired in its original, expensively scheduled time slot. First, join me if you will in a big eye roll. Then, let me say I echo the well-reasoned sentiments of Brett Baker:  It’s fine.


But it’s gone, unfortunately.  So let’s take this entire illogical mess a step further, as you too might appreciate the clever reasoning of Alexandra Petri.  She certainly raises a few great points to make her point, begging the question:  How much more ridiculous does the whole matter have to get?  Or better yet, why was this ever an issue in the first place? At least GoDaddy is getting an excellent publicity return on its $4 million investment! (Click image to watch the :30 ad.)

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Even Funnier Than The Hosts…

Seemingly a touch less energetic than last year, the Tina-Amy nevertheless worked once again.  A certain someone however came between them, proving even funnier!  (Photo: Paul Drinkwater / NBC)

Seemingly a touch less energetic than last year, the Tina-Amy duo nevertheless worked well yet again. A certain someone however came between them, proving even funnier!  (Photo:  Paul Drinkwater/NBC)


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To a T.

Considering the more-than-generous portions at less-than-outrageous prices, with soup and salad courses included, alongside classicly well-poured libations, altogether it might just be the best deal in town.  After almost 60 years, this special dining spot clearly has it all down to a T.

Tee-Off Santa Barbara

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“Seared” Into Memory…

There’s always a first time, and in this case it’s bacon and ahi tuna in the same bite.  These two distinct yet divergent ingredients lay the foundation for the single most delicious sandwich I’ve eaten in recent memory, if not ever!  Such a successful contrast of flavors really is like no other.

The Best.

The menu wording reads quite simply:  “Seared rare ahi tuna with avocado, grilled pineapple, bacon, red onion, island slaw and greens with wasabi aioli on toasted sourdough.”  What arrives before you:  Absolute bliss. The ahi tuna club at Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach wastes no time in proving itself a unique and delightful experience on the palate.  Then with the addition of a blackberry mai-tai, the deal’s done.  This meal “seared” itself into my discerning culinary memory.

Needless to say, a repeat sitting can’t come too soon.  May your own “taste” meet mine.



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A Bite & Sip of Old-School Santa Barbara

In good company...

You’re in good company here.

Richly flavorful as expected, and while not the single greatest version I’ve ever eaten, indeed a winning incorporation of bacon– chopped into small pieces and mixed evenly among the other main ingredients:  So went my most recent liver-and-onions dinner, this time in Santa Barbara.  It’s a weekly special at this location, served hot though not-quite-hot-enough to counter a rapid drop in temperature, at least in this instance.  As such I polished off my generous plate in a good clip, against the cooling clock that is.  (The arguable and subtle infraction was not enough to send it back.)

Meanwhile, service proved consistent and attentive, once the transition from bland bartendress to talkative table server was complete.  The history is on the wall– literally– and with so many decades of photos and other classic decor to take in, an entire afternoon of “indulgence” seems perfectly reasonable. The copious cocktails runneth over, as well they should– and in this delightfully old-school, red-boothed establishment always do.  And when the time finally comes, the robust coffee will have prepared you for your exit quite comfortably, as of course it did for yours truly, dessert notwithstanding.

Despite minor forgivable hiccups during a crowded dinner hour, my first visit can be considered a success.  I’m confident my imminent second trip to Harry’s Plaza Cafe will be even better.  Join me anytime for a bite and sip, assuming you can locate this discreetly situated local hideaway.

At Harry's...

As you take a seat and get started…


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Beyond The Emblem…

Seeing more and more of them on the road, along with knowing a few people who happily own one, the BMW X1 has really grown on me over the past year or so.  The small “SAV” moves with refreshing distinction amidst its attractive styling, especially in metallic “Valencia Orange” that quite nicely complements its compact size and well-toned body.

BMW X1 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLA

BMW X1 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLA (Photo:


Such simple praise, however, I simply cannot bestow upon the X1’s latest rival.  Yet again in terms of Mercedes-Benz, unfortunately, I find myself most unimpressed with the new GLA-Class. Having encountered it out and about for my first time this week, I quickly saw beyond the emblem to… well, little more.  Ignoring the three-pointed star, what appeared before me was a bland and far-from-unique shell that could carry just about any logo, especially from the rear– Acura, Toyota and Hyundai quickly come to mind.  Perhaps the GLA just looks too non-German.

Honda?  Kia?  Oh, Mercedes.

Honda? Kia? Oh, Mercedes. (Photo:


Suffice to say, in a purely cosmetic X1 vs. GLA match-up, the former wins hands down.  The latter is unlikely to grow on me anytime soon.  For all my MBZ love, I realize all the more as yet another model dives into a very crowded pool, that my heart remains in the 20th century.


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Point Taken.

“As you will have observed, an increasing number of your neighbors have been keeping company with their pets in human-only establishments, cohabiting with them in animal-unfriendly apartment buildings and dormitories, and taking them (free!) onto airplanes—simply by claiming that the creatures are their licensed companion animals and are necessary to their mental well-being. No government agency keeps track of such figures…  Contrary to what many business managers think, having an emotional-support card merely means that one’s pet is registered in a database of animals whose owners have paid anywhere from seventy to two hundred dollars to one of several organizations, none of which are recognized by the government.” (Marx, 10/20/14)

“Pets Allowed” by Patricia Marx appears in the October 20 issue of The New Yorker.  It’s one insightful, disturbing and funny read which I highly recommend. You can draw your own conclusion on the need, within this matter, for some form of government regulation.  Either way, Marx clearly makes her point.  And naturally, I agree with her.

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Her Final Wish Fulfilled

“Exactly the irreverent show she would have wanted,” Geraldo Rivera aptly summarized. “More Broadway than Hollywood,” The New York Times put it, however sans a multiple-accent-crying Meryl Streep.  Altogether– amidst Howard Stern’s “perfect” eulogy among all else— Joan Rivers got her final wish, her “showbiz” funeral proving as refreshingly over-the-top as she was.

So now we go on, commending her legacy while ideally putting her key lessons on life to practice. Leading them of course, on when not to laugh:  “Never.”

There will be no “next Joan Rivers,” irreplaceable as she truly remains.  Anyone who eventually manages to get closest to the title, however, will win in my book.  Meanwhile, at least we can thank, and perhaps learn from, Joan for putting the “fun” back in funeral.

Really, truly, irreplaceable.

Really, truly, irreplaceable.

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Forgetfulness, or Forgotten?

Well, that was a first.  I forgot to watch “Dallas” this week. (What?!  Me?!  Allow the Ewings to slip my mind?  My oh my, how the decades do change us.)

Seeing as the latest episode was on my DVR, I did see it the following day.  In so doing, I reminded myself just how my initial forgetfulness came about.  Let’s simply say it’s about time for “Dallas” to be forgotten altogether.  Oh but wait, I think I’ve already said this before, more than once even.  I’ll therefore rephrase:  It’s well past time for the Ewings and company to go.  I know, I hate saying this more than you might dislike reading it. Nevertheless, the writing is on the wall, as they say– more and more with each passing episode, I myself regret to say.

The 2014 cast

We’ve had all the nostalgic cameos we’re likely going to get, Larry Hagman is still dead, and the plot convolutions continue to get more confusing, ludicrous and exhausting.  Still, curiosity, coupled with low expectations, will continue to get the best of me for the duration, whether at airtime or via DVR. At least Ken Kercheval, who remains very much alive, will be back next week.  Amid my overall forgetfulness, I’m happy to realize one living classic character is not forgotten.

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When California Follows Idaho…

What I said two years ago regarding cycling in Idaho I say again.  Better yet, it’s just been said again for me:

Idaho’s rule is pretty straightforward. If a cyclist approaches a stop sign, he or she needs to slow down and look for traffic. If there’s already a pedestrian, car, or another bike there, then the other vehicle has the right of way. If there’s no traffic, however, the cyclist can slowly proceed. Basically, for bikers, a stop sign is a yield sign.”  (Joseph Stromberg, Vox)

Unfortunately nothing has changed in the past two years.  California is still not Idaho, as I remain in the former while responsibly cycling as if I were in the latter, free of any so-called “guilt” yet always a mouse with an eye out for the cat.  After all, common sense and a good workout prevail in my book, cop risk notwithstanding.

At the end of the cycling day, a welcome relief it will certainly be when California– and the entire country for that matter– finally gets it together and follows Idaho.  At least then the current sensible actions of so many road-safe cyclists, yours truly among them, will cease to be an unnecessary and potentially costly crime.

“At the moment many state traffic laws criminalize the way sensible, careful bicyclists ride.”  (Click for full article)




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One Sure Palate Pleaser. Or Two.

IMG_6819Call it a classic dish that never gets old, in an old establishment that’s never been more classic.  At least this is how I think of it.  And by virtue of the fact my favorite mouth-watering culinary creation– custom prepared tableside of course– famously stands the test of time on an ever-changing menu, my selection has been made well before I’ve arrived and sat down.

A raw hamburger patty this is not, yet raw it is.  Ordinary it’s never been, nor boring it ever will be.  In this case there are no others, as my longstanding indulgence shall remain so.  The next time you’re near The Beverly Hills Hotel while feeling the distinct onset of carnivorous adventure– or even if you’re cities away and need to schedule a special trip as I did– drop into the Polo Lounge for the steak tartare.  One sure palate pleaser it is, ready to satisfy any discerning red meat-based taste buds.

It’s even better, I shall go so far to say, than Paradise Cove’s scrumptious seafood burger, a uniquely robust compilation of surprisingly flavorful sea meat in the form of a soft, perfectly cooked patty.  But this is another story altogether; apples and oranges if you will, though easily another sure palate pleaser of superior standing. Altogether, yet again from one part of town to another, our food bases remain well covered!  You might get right on over to Malibu for a more casual early dinner after that tartare lunch has settled!


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