Once More, Try Me.

01 Mar

J.R. is still dead, and– unlike his brother– unfortunately always will be.  The latest story arcs are just now beginning to bloom.  We the audience are thus braced for what you might call more of the same, within an epic franchise that never will be quite the same, after all.  Season three of the new “Dallas” is off and running.

By “more” I’m referring to yet another dose of convoluted yet shallow plots involving attractive though dim villains, complete with a brand-new one this time around to add to the long list.  By “never” I raise the question most loyal fans are surely asking:  Just how long will the revived series carry on without Larry Hagman?

The “Dallas” cast in 2014, sans the most famous of them all.

I said it already at the end of season two.  It’s time– or least it was then following the death of Hagman, the burial of J.R., and the ultimate explanation of his demise– to say goodbye for good.  However, TNT did indeed bring the show back for a third season.  So of course I’m watching, thinking:  “Alright. Once more, try me.”

It’s always a pleasure to see Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray in their 36-year-old characters.  And with rumors of the latest in a string of classic comebacks, I’ll be ready!  Still, without J.R. “Dallas” is not the same and never will be, despite the continued references to him and any unused footage we’ve yet to see.

Meanwhile, at least the new opening credits deserve honorable mention, nostalgic element they do of course convey.  Otherwise I’m continuing to feel a degree of exhaustion, sort of like a party that’s gone on too long. But then, I may be surprised yet!  As the Ewing’s biggest yet most realistic fan, I’d sure like to be.

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