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Now For My Next Third…

At this rate, now four months into 2014, one third down, it looks like I’m on par to beat my own annual cycling mileage record.  We’ll see what ends up appearing in those empty squares, thanks to the workings of Strava.

The first four months.

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Another Double…

The new octogenarian at work with one of my all-time favorite men!

MacLaine with one of my all-time favorite men!  (Click for more classic photos)

To the many famous figures now exactly twice my age, add one more.  The venerable Shirley MacLaine turns 80 years old today, in good company of course, alongside such recently minted female octogenarians as Florence Henderson, Joan Collins, Joan Rivers and Dianne Feinstein.  Here’s a well-deserved nod to yet another double, twice 40 that is, in this case one remarkably unmatched performer with 80 ways to prove it!


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At 50: Better Than Ever!

1964 1/2 Mustang

1965 (or 1964 1/2)

Of the numerous classic American and world icons rounding the half-century mark this year— Jeopardy!, The British Invasion, 8-Tracks– one biggie stands quite worthy of its own mention:  The Ford Mustang has been with us for 50 years, exactly– this week in fact.  The legendary muscle coupe of decade-varying proportions debuted in New York on April 17, 1964.  And now, expectedly enough, a new generation is on the way to commemorate Mustang’s anniversary model year.  What looked great 50 years ago– and maintains its good looks today following a few awkward “growth periods” shall we say (watch just about any original episode of “Charlie’s Angels”)– is clearly poised to emerge yet again looking better than ever!  At last, I feel young.


2015 (or should this be 2014 1/2?)

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One Sure Palate Pleaser. Or Two.

IMG_6819Call it a classic dish that never gets old, in an old establishment that’s never been more classic.  At least this is how I think of it.  And by virtue of the fact my favorite mouth-watering culinary creation– custom prepared tableside of course– famously stands the test of time on an ever-changing menu, my selection has been made well before I’ve arrived and sat down.

A raw hamburger patty this is not, yet raw it is.  Ordinary it’s never been, nor boring it ever will be.  In this case there are no others, as my longstanding indulgence shall remain so.  The next time you’re near The Beverly Hills Hotel while feeling the distinct onset of carnivorous adventure– or even if you’re cities away and need to schedule a special trip as I did– drop into the Polo Lounge for the steak tartare.  One sure palate pleaser it is, ready to satisfy any discerning red meat-based taste buds.

It’s even better, I shall go so far to say, than Paradise Cove’s scrumptious seafood burger, a uniquely robust compilation of surprisingly flavorful sea meat in the form of a soft, perfectly cooked patty.  But this is another story altogether; apples and oranges if you will, though easily another sure palate pleaser of superior standing. Altogether, yet again from one part of town to another, our food bases remain well covered!  You might get right on over to Malibu for a more casual early dinner after that tartare lunch has settled!


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