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Another Record Yet!

The fact anyone else was paying attention came as a surprise to me. I was quietly hoping and expecting he would make it, and sure enough, he did! Still, most people don’t seem to follow obscure presidential trivia the way I do, so I assumed. Apparently this was an incorrect assumption on my part, as on March 22 such trivia proved to be quite a news story!


Aware the date was coming in later March, I was holding out until today, April 1, to truly mark the record. After all, this is the day the newly designated longest-living U.S. president in history marks his HALF birthday.  That’s right– Jimmy Carter is now 94 AND A HALF years old, no longer sharing precisely the same age at which the runner-up to the title passed on. George H.W. Bush, of course, died last November at “just” 94. And in six months, we’ll have another presidential record yet!

Meanwhile, the first lady age record won’t soon be broken.



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Rare Yet Powerful Moments

Countless remarkable images have filled our televisions, devices and publications throughout this past solemn week of remembrance, with history both celebrated and made. Three photos stand out as my personal favorites among all others, capturing rare yet powerful moments for the historical record, each of which speaks volumes for itself. RIP 41.


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A New Presidential Record

A big record was broken today among U.S presidents, and it has nothing to do with North Korea. John Adams lived to age 90, and so did Herbert Hoover more than a century later. Ronald Reagan made it to 93, as did Gerald Ford, who for a while became the oldest living former president in history. No U.S president has ever made it to his 94th birthday, until today. Happy 94th to President George H.W. Bush!  Jimmy Carter will of course join him later this year.


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Channeling The King of Cool


This brand-new construction located at 2002 Loma Vista Drive in the famous and coveted Trousdale Estates neighborhood of Beverly Hills, with a price tag of close to $28 million, offers at least one truly unique feature not to be found in any comparable estate– a certain special appeal to the discerning buyer. On this property– not in the new 10,000-square-foot home that now occupies this land, but rather on this land in the original home that used to be here– lived the “King of Cool,” the one-and-only Dean Martin himself. This fact certainly was not ignored in the new construction process, as from water features and expansive glass, to entertaining openness and ample bar space, the builder wisely chose to emulate the classic crooner’s unmistakable style, updated to present-day standards of course. Such nostalgia, including the daily opportunity to channel Dino’s spirit that no doubt goes on living here, is bound to earn the seller somewhere close to the asking price. I simply hope every bar in the place comes stocked!

If this is where you want to sleep, contact me and let’s make it happen.


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A Send-Off for ‘Mr. Warmth’

Not quite a year after marking his 90th birthday, we must now say goodbye to the truly legendary, one-of-a-kind pillar of “warmth” himself, Mr. Don Rickles. I can only dream of turning insults into a lucrative career, as others will certainly try.  Still, no one will ever do it quite like he did.


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A “Super Moment” Indeed.




Equally if not more impressive than a 25-point comeback to victory in Super Bowl LI, is the executor of the coin toss that got it all underway.  A welcome and nostalgic appearance preceded the game as the elder Bush couple took the field, 92-year-old George H.W. and 91-year-old Barbara of course, the only living former president and first lady absent from this year’s inauguration. Fittingly enough, their latest public appearance came here two weeks later, a “super moment” indeed.

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40 Years To The Day.


Among the many, one remarkable first of President Donald Trump’s inauguration stood out, to me at least. That is, a former president attended the event exactly 40 years to the day after taking his own oath of office. The longevity of Jimmy Carter calls for acknowledgement, even while he has more than a year to go before becoming the oldest-living president in history.


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He Made It!


And I knew he would.  Legendary actor Kirk Douglas celebrated his 100th birthday on December 9, 2016 at the Beverly Hills Hotel of all classic venues, in the company of, among all others, an “old” pal 10 years his junior. (Photo: Pizzello/AP)

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Remembering Our Favorite TV Mom

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A Commendable Effort, I say.

After three tedious debates, in addition to their countless daily soundbites, our two currently most watched Americans finally showed their supposedly humorous sides– or at least we should say: they tried (one of them succeeding more than the other, as some of us will agree). Now in hindsight, this notable evening sounds all the better when summarized in two and a half minutes!

Dean Martin and Phyllis Diller they’re not, but I commend their efforts nonetheless.  If only we heard this sort of banter from them more often, perhaps the process through which we’re all now living would be a bit more palatable. All the more reason to enjoy such a rare occasion, I say.


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Another Key to Longevity?


Photo Courtesy: WGN Radio

A truly special occasion falls upon “Mr. Warmth” himself on this Mother’s Day. The one-and-only Don Rickles has turned 90 years old!

Having outlived nearly all of his original pals of the stage and screen, while still remarkably pressing on with his unparalleled brand of insult comedy, “The Merchant of Venom” remains very much with us. You might say this legendary comedian owns yet another key to longevity, that is if hurling good-natured insults at all types and ethnicities of people happens to prolong life. (Let’s pretend it does.) In any case, Mr. Rickles has certainly mastered his craft, time and time again.  Thankfully he’s not finished quite yet!

Plus, he remains in good company.  After all, at least two other famous, accomplished male legends in their own rights are right behind him, both coming up on 90 very quickly themselves. Can you name them offhand?


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Yet Another Decade Begins.


Happiest of big birthday wishes to Queen Elizabeth II, who turns 90 today. Considering her mother passed 100, this longest-reigning British monarch could very well stay with us for quite some time to come. (Photo: CHRIS JACKSON/AFP/Getty Images)

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Returning to Brentwood, Revisiting Injustice

True to the reality it portrays, the series begins and ends in Brentwood.  Over the course of a very long 16 months, we’re taken– or rather, retaken– on one sadly unforgettable ride.

The brilliant portrayals of prosecutors Marcia Clark and Chris Darden, by actors Sarah Paulson and Sterling K. Brown respectively, culminate in the glaring illumination of an American legal tragedy and its immediate gut-wrenching aftermath.  Thus concludes the insightful yet disturbing 10-episode run of American Crime Story, Season 1: The People vs. O.J. Simpson.


As dramatic imagination and creative effect work in unison to stitch together large swaths of stark actuality, never throughout the entire series comes a dull viewing moment– or I should say almost never, if you count most any scene with Judge Lance Ito, spineless and celebrity stricken as Kenneth Choi accurately plays him to be.  Thankfully, comic relief regularly intercedes in the form of a salaciously smug Nathan Lane as legal mastermind F. Lee Bailey, not to mention my unmatched personal favorite:  the almost cartoon version of defense attorney Robert Shapiro, perfectly re-created by a fittingly comical John Travolta.


But I digress.  Ten weeks of a reproduced “trial of the century” ends with more than 30 minutes to go in the final episode.  Anticipating some sort of post-verdict wrap up, we definitely get it, painfully yet completely, leaving us to wonder– all the way from Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran sipping office champagne, to Cuba Gooding Jr.’s O.J. slowly realizing his “party of the century” is proving smaller than he expected– when all this is finally going to end.


Altogether, we’ve been treated to a solid 10 weeks of 21-year-old history revisited, briskly yet as thoroughly as limited television time will allow.  In the oh-so long-in-coming end, our minds– those old enough to recall the real deal– are left to once again ponder the unfortunate colossus of trial-based events, discoveries, developments and maneuverings that delivered O.J Simpson home to Brentwood a free man on October 3, 1995.

What began and ended in Brentwood leaves me contemplating that same sense of injustice now as I did that very day. All the while, shifting to terms of present-day production and talent, more than one Emmy nomination is most certainly in order.


Clark Photo Credit: POO/AFP/Getty Images; FX

Shapiro Photo Credit: Lee Celano/WireImage; Ray Mickshaw/FX

Photo Credit: Hal Garb/AFP/Getty Images; FX

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A Long Life, Though Not The Record.

Very recently in fact, the subject of longest-living first ladies came up in conversation.  Mindful of another birthday this summer, I realized it was time right about now to check the number of calendar days and see if the title of “second longest-living first lady” had changed hands.

Then came the news, before I completed that check, that Nancy Reagan passed away.  Already well aware she was 94, or rather 94 1/2, the question for me remained as to the lifetime ranking with which she departed.  After all, Lady Bird Johnson died in 2007 at age 94, or rather 94 1/2, while Mrs. Reagan was to turn 95 in July.  Which one of these two long-living presidential wives lived the greater number of days, remained for me to investigate.

The answer of course came quickly and easily.  Nancy Reagan was, and is, the second longest-living first lady in U.S. history, though not by much. Only in late January of this year, merely six weeks ago, did the length of her life surpass that of Lady Bird’s.  As such, the perhaps obscure title did in fact change hands, as I had before today suspected.

Naturally I speak only of “second longest-living,” as the number one spot in this regard was not about to be overtaken any time soon.  The longest living first lady has remained the same for more than 40 years now, as Mrs. Reagan was just beginning to close in on what still would have been a significant span of time.  Now with her passing, it will be at least another seven years before another first lady breaks the record of life longevity.

In any event, my penchant for numerical presidential trivia aside, Nancy Reagan lived one long and complete life.  In the Hollywood sense, she joins Abe Vigoda and George Kennedy in what’s shaping up early on to be a year of “senior loss.”  I’ve always fondly recalled introducing myself to the first lady at a Christmas party in 2003, myself red-blazer clad of course.  This personal memory stands out clearly in my mind today, polite as she proved herself.  RIP Mrs. Reagan.


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About The Things I Said…

In honor of baseball legend Yogi Berra, who passed away last week at age 90, a list of classic “Berra-isms” is well worth a thorough review– many of which warrant reuse (with proper attribution of course.)  Below are five of 50, with the other 45 here. (Courtesy: USA Today)

Yogi Berra1. When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

2. You can observe a lot by just watching.

3. It ain’t over till it’s over.

4. It’s like déjà vu all over again.

5. No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded.  

And the lists abound!  But then, did he ever say most of the things he said?  I can certainly relate to such an insightful yet simple statement.  How about you?

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And She Made It!

      1953  2015

An occasion certainly a majority of Britons and a minority of Americans have been anticipating for some time– a moment I myself knew full well was on its way– this historic day has come.  And she made it, not that there was much if any doubt she would.  At 63 years, 216 days on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II today takes the title of longest reigning monarch in British history!

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Of All His Moments…. This?

The well-played role of Tom Bradford notwithstanding, this schmaltzy moment of all-American automotive nostalgia is what somehow first popped into my mind upon hearing of his passing. RIP Dick Van Patten.

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Down to the Tire…

The photo finish

Two seconds behind at the start of the final stage turns into one second after the intermediate sprint time bonuses.  As such, it must be solved in the last full-tilt sprint to the finish. And so it is, by the very narrowest of margins, all coming down to less than the width of a road tire.  In the closest victory in the history of this tour, thanks to a four-second time bonus for finishing the day in third (narrowly enough), the great Peter Sagan wins the 2015 Amgen Tour of California!

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So Unlike Her.

Not in recent memory, if ever, have a seen a famous and glamorous 74-year-old woman so "un-74" in every way.  As the ever-lovely Donna Mills stepped into the spotlight this past weekend at the Daytime Emmy Awards, she defied her age spectacularly!

Not in recent memory, if ever, have I seen such a famous and glamorous 74-year-old woman so “un-74” in every way.  As the ever-lovely Donna Mills stepped into the spotlight this past weekend at the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, she proved her actual age is so unlike her.  (Photo:

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To Lead By Example…

Always a pleasure it is to see the incomparable Betty White, this newest time on stage at the 2015 TV Land Awards  taped April 12 in Beverly Hills and aired April 18.  Impressively enough, the 93-year-old comedianne surpasses colleagues more than half her age in style, wit and overall energy!  Needless to say, she continues to lead by example.

Always a pleasure it is to see the incomparable Betty White, this newest time on stage at the 2015 TV Land Awards taped April 12 in Beverly Hills and aired April 18. Impressively enough, the 93-year-old comedienne clearly surpasses colleagues more than half her age in style, wit and overall energy!  Suffice to say, she continues to lead by example. (AP Images)

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Old But Never…Old.

While I’m away from this site and not posting anything current, please feel free to immerse yourself here in this very non-current gem, a true classic of all classics, television as they sadly don’t make it anymore.  Old in years as this great show now is, it simply never gets old in appeal– especially as I get ready to turn another year older, still waiting for my own dais.

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Until Last Night…

The sight of Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris almost au naturel on stage may have triggered for you an infamous memory of Academy Awards show history, as it quickly did for me.  While no comparing these two very different moments (except in above-waist result), the audience (i.e. the world) had not seen this much bare skin in more than 40 years, even on Cher, until last night!


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Merely Yesterday.

This special evening seems like a lifetime ago.  Compared to the length of her very, very long life however, it was merely yesterday.  Needless to say, I’m honored to have enjoyed this uniquely memorable friendship in her final years.  Plus, how nice it is that our impromptu camera appearance has been up on YouTube almost since it was recorded.  Happy Birthday Greta!

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Even Funnier Than The Hosts…

Seemingly a touch less energetic than last year, the Tina-Amy nevertheless worked once again.  A certain someone however came between them, proving even funnier!  (Photo: Paul Drinkwater / NBC)

Seemingly a touch less energetic than last year, the Tina-Amy duo nevertheless worked well yet again. A certain someone however came between them, proving even funnier!  (Photo:  Paul Drinkwater/NBC)


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Merry Classic Christmas

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Reaching 90, Presidentially Speaking.

At the end of the 20th century, only two U.S. presidents in history had reached 90 years of age, in far different eras at that.  By the start of 2014, this number had risen to four, then a few months ago to five, and today the total hits six.  Remarkable all the more are four in a row; that is, the four additional nonagenarian commanders-in-chief of the 21st century held office consecutively.

While what’s called “the world’s hardest job” clearly ages the incumbent, it doesn’t seem to be shortening his lifespan these days.  Then again, it’s worth noting that all but one of these multi-party six were one-termers.  Furthermore, this distinction won’t see number seven for quite a while yet.

How’s all this for a could-be Jeopardy! category of presidential longevity?

Jimmy & Rosslynn Carter

Jimmy Carter turns 90 today, in addition to the post-presidential record he set two years ago. (Photo: AJC/Curtis Compton)


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Her Final Wish Fulfilled

“Exactly the irreverent show she would have wanted,” Geraldo Rivera aptly summarized. “More Broadway than Hollywood,” The New York Times put it, however sans a multiple-accent-crying Meryl Streep.  Altogether– amidst Howard Stern’s “perfect” eulogy among all else— Joan Rivers got her final wish, her “showbiz” funeral proving as refreshingly over-the-top as she was.

So now we go on, commending her legacy while ideally putting her key lessons on life to practice. Leading them of course, on when not to laugh:  “Never.”

There will be no “next Joan Rivers,” irreplaceable as she truly remains.  Anyone who eventually manages to get closest to the title, however, will win in my book.  Meanwhile, at least we can thank, and perhaps learn from, Joan for putting the “fun” back in funeral.

Really, truly, irreplaceable.

Really, truly, irreplaceable.

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Keep On Laughing…

Don’t say she’s in a better place, because she probably had a house in the Hamptons. And the best line I heard all day:  “Just keep on laughing.”  Clearly, Joan Rivers wants us to do so.

The biggest missing piece of this bittersweet event du jour— Joan is not here to make jokes about her own passing.  Or is she?  Her funeral is yet to come, and may it be everything she wishes it to be, as she described in her recent book, “I Hate Everyone, Starting With Me.”

Her final wishes

Joan was everything that made her fabulously one of a kind: opinionated, irreverent and irreplaceable, just to pick a few of so many apt descriptors.  Altogether, I’m sorry she had to go, perhaps in a less-interesting manner than she was hoping, no less!  At the same time, one of many life lessons with which she’s leaving us is that we needn’t take death too seriously.  After all, “funeral” does begin with “fun.”  And given the way Joan has outlined hers, we all should be looking forward to a good show– set for this Sunday.  May we indeed “keep on laughing.”

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Just One Month Shy…

The talk this week has centered on Robin Williams, understandably so considering his unexpected death.  At the same time, his passing unfortunately has overshadowed another big celebrity loss the very next day, one perhaps a bit less surprising if only for age alone.  Just one month shy of her 90th birthday, the legendary Lauren Bacall has left us.  Her unique legacy, like Williams’, lives on.

Lauren Bacall

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40 Years Ago Today.

To the point.

“Only if you’ve been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.”

“Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don’t win, unless you hate them.  And then, you destroy yourself.”

His final White House moment

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