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Merry Classic Christmas

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“A Rare Look”

Here’s to the first 50 years of “Beatlemania”– on this the anniversary of the so-called British invasion, the band’s debut U.S. performance– February 9, 1964 on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”  Even long after the two surviving members are gone, The Beatles will no doubt live on strongly and timelessly!

February 2014

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So Then, Who’s So?

It can’t be me– I wasn’t born after all.  While I’ve always assumed the attractive, likable and allegedly self-absorbed Warren Beatty was the honoree, we’ve just been reminded once again that the mystery has never quite been solved.  Nonetheless, one of my all-time favorite, now-classic songs is back in the news this week– Jeannie Moos-style to boot– prompting that same old question that Carly Simon has yet to answer after more than 40 years!  You probably think this song is about… well, someone worth revealing, don’t you?

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“Classic” Wins.

A good 99 out of 100 television ads pass me by unnoticed, at least on any day without a Super Bowl.  From time to time however comes one that bucks the trend.  In this case a head-turning new car model teams up with a tuxedo-clad gentleman and one of my favorite singing voices of all time, altogether grabbing my attention just as intended.  After all, anything “classic” wins with me– the nostalgist at heart– even as I remain unlikely to purchase the product at hand.  Bottom line:  I’m sold– but not– while delighted that the classic is back.

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“Intellectually Powerful” Indeed.

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned her in writing.  Still, she’s never far from my mind, as her music dominates my iTunes playlist.  She is– and has been for years– my single favorite songwriter and musical performer of all time.  As I’ve often said and still believe, she’s wonderful therapy– much less expensive that you’ll pay by the hour no doubt!

As such, I’m always delighted to read about Mary Chapin Carpenter in the news.  Such coverage assures me she’s active, performing, and hopefully hard at work on her next album.  I simply wish the East Coast “Hometown Girl” would pay a visit to California once in a while.  In the meantime, her “intellectually powerful” music lives on!

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Both Sides, Now

I bring you now this reflective dose of music history, thanks to the wonderful classic that welcomely entered and remained in my head yesterday:

 “Both Sides, Now” is a single by Joni Mitchell. Her recording first appeared on the album Clouds, released in 1969. She re-recorded the song in a Jazz style for the album of the same name, released in 2000. It is one of Joni Mitchell’s best-known songs (with “Big Yellow Taxi,” “Woodstock,” and “A Case of You”). It was written in March 1967, inspired by a passage in Henderson the Rain King by Saul Bellow.  Judy Collins made the first commercially released recording of the song in 1968, shortly after Mitchell wrote it, which reached #8 on the U.S. pop singles charts and won a 1968 Grammy Award for Best Folk Performance. The record peaked at #3 on Billboard’s Easy Listening survey, and has become one of Collins’ signature songs.  (

As impressive as the song itself, is the significant number of star performers who’ve recorded it in their own respective styles.  Such distinctive voices as Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton have taken their turns at these lyrics, each rendition unique from the next.  If you know and appreciate “Both Sides, Now,” then you certainly have numerous listening options, as well as something satisfying to hum today!

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