“Classic” Wins.

29 May

A good 99 out of 100 television ads pass me by unnoticed, at least on any day without a Super Bowl.  From time to time however comes one that bucks the trend.  In this case a head-turning new car model teams up with a tuxedo-clad gentleman and one of my favorite singing voices of all time, altogether grabbing my attention just as intended.  After all, anything “classic” wins with me– the nostalgist at heart– even as I remain unlikely to purchase the product at hand.  Bottom line:  I’m sold– but not– while delighted that the classic is back.

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One response to ““Classic” Wins.

  1. andrea weichert

    June 5, 2013 at 09:23

    While sitting in the x-ray dept of the hospital an elderly couple came in and took a seat. The tv was on and when the commercial came on with “Fly me to the moon” they smiled and looked at each other…I think they were mouthing the words!!. It made my day….think it might have had meaning for them of their youth. I also love the song and no one can sing it like Frankie!!!


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