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Softened or Not…

“Just as the public tends to view presidents more kindly once they’ve left office, ex-presidents, too, tend to soften their judgments – or at least their public comments – with time.”  (Huffington Post, 25 April 2013)

Softened or not, I always appreciate the rare occasion on which to view all living former U.S. presidents, among the current, in the same eyeshot.  Today’s gathering reminds me of another classic below from 1994, except in the present case no death was involved.  Naturally, some change with time more than others.

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Heads Will Turn

Jaguar XJ6C

When one of these stunning-yet-sadly forgotten machines crosses the path of any classic car aficionado– seldom as it will be– heads will turn.  So indeed turned my head upon my own rare sighting of one underrated masterpiece that deserved such a longer life.  At least one left-hand-drive Jaguar XJ6C still lives!

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It’s Time.

“Really?  So THAT’S how it happened?!  What a letdown.”  At least this was my first line of thought.  Moments later my second mental train departed, leaving me reassuring myself:  “Oh, ok.  Maybe this really was the right way to do it after all.  I suppose this season finale does make sense when you think about it.”

And now– dare I say– it makes even more sense to call it quits.  While certainly the last person to want to say this, I must be realistic, as too should any true series follower.  Larry Hagman is dead, and so now is J.R. Ewing.  The villains have been rounded up if not eliminated.  Points of peace have been reached, at least among the principal players.  And speaking of Principal, Victoria will not be stopping by.  J.R. executed his masterpiece while voluntarily extinguishing himself.  Ultimately slipping past any killer’s hands, he dictated the manner of his death– and with justifiable reason.  While a disappointment this long-in-coming revelation initially seemed, the most fitting sendoff it settled in to be.

After 35 years, it’s time now for “Dallas” to be done, for good.  J.R. and all that comes with him have been laid to rest, so it seems.  How could it– and why should it– go on?  There’s only so much nostalgia to be milked, which could soon wear painfully thin.  Unfortunate as it is to have to say, I believe we best lay all the Ewings to rest on this momentary high note.


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With A Two-Week Delay…

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Typically The Case

“The death on Monday of an attractive, memorable woman with a beaming smile was particularly stirring and evocative, particularly for males of a certain age. She seemed to embody the era and excite our emotions. I am not referring to Margaret Thatcher, of course. I mean Annette Funicello, the most famous of Walt Disney’s original Mouseketeers of the “Mickey Mouse Club,” whose death in California at the age of 70 was announced a few hours after Thatcher’s.”  (Burman, Toronto Star, 4/13/13)

Controversial in life yet honored in death, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher posthumously stirs varied memories while reigniting a healthy range of social debate.  But then, is this not typically the case upon the passing of a popular yet polarizing political figure?

Margaret Thatcher

She was hated– detrimentally so it appears– yet in opposing circles she is mourned, difficult as this might seem to those who will do anything but.  Again, typical is this not?

“In the days leading up to Thatcher’s funeral, there will be considerable contortions on the part of commentators to be reverent and polite when speaking of the dead,” Mr. Burman explains.  Reverence and politeness notwithstanding, while popular among many as she will forever stand in history, others might rather think first of Annette.  Once more, that T word pops up.

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Only Yesterday.

What a telling difference the past two decades– rapid in hindsight as they seem– have made on the fundamental social landscape of New York City.  While distinctly recalling my stroll around Midtown Manhattan on the day of President Clinton’s first inauguration, I must now remind myself that 20 years have since passed.  Really, 20?  There was not a Starbucks to be found, yet somehow we survived.  Has the year 1993 really become synonymous with a bygone era, when we stopped to use a pay phone?  I’ve often pointed out that those born in 1974 are about the last to have entered adulthood without today’s taken-for-granted “conveniences.”  From 1993 onward the changes quickly yet somehow seamlessly rerouted our lives, which the current exhibition aptly illustrates.  Said for ages I say once more:  It seems like only yesterday.

Back to 1993!

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