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When in Inverness…

Vladimir's Czech Restaurant

A unique, unexpected and tasty surprise it is.  Quietly tucked away along Marin County’s Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, just a few miles northwest of Point Reyes in the little town of Inverness, lies a family-run dining establishment that’s been around for quite some time.  Suffice to say, it immediately called to me.  Once the menu was before my eyes on the front door, I knew this would be the site of my evening’s meal.  In the end, disappointment was nowhere to be found.  The garlic rabbit proved as delicious as it sounded.  As such, I highly recommend the Vladimir’s experience, whenever you might wander into the area.  Just be sure you have cash or a checkbook, as credit cards are an unknown concept.  Fortunately, friendly service is not!

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Deliciously Covered

Along the many paths between San Francisco and Los Angeles come stops, the best of which involve food of course. From the signature calf’s liver at Westlake’s Grill on the Alley, to Monterey’s fine presentation of jumbo sea scallops at Passionfish, let’s just say the routes are deliciously covered. Luckily for my waistline, my birthday week comes but once a year. Where– and what– will you be eating during yours?

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Green As Ever…

Chicago's Irish Tradition

And the Chicago tradition lives on, as Robert F. Monaghan smiles down on us– with drink in hand no doubt.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2013!

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Full Speed Ahead

The Originals Honor An Original

The much-anticipated cameos came, and respects were properly paid.  The scheduled demise of the character appropriately trailed the unscheduled death of the actor.  Now comes yet another new chapter of the saga, as the plot of present-day “Dallas” charges full speed ahead in his memory.  J.R. Ewing may be as dead and gone as Larry Hagman in body, but even from beyond it appears he’s steering the course for his family.  Thankfully his “work” is living on, at least through the remainder of season two!  I for one am looking forward to the grand revelation of J.R.’s so-called “masterpiece,” pieces of which any “Dallas” nostalgist might be able to predict.

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Much More Remains…

The new Mercedes-Benz CLA
 Intrigued?  Yes.  Sold?  Not quite yet.  I’ll need to see more– much more– of this newest member of the family before knowing what I really think.  While her lines are attractive no doubt, I fear ultimate disappointment for– among a number of possible reasons– just being too small for any human being six feet and above.  Then, starting at the entry-level price point, are we not already wondering how many expected amenities are in place– or not– at the outset?  In any event, my attention is present– along with my questions.  Much more remains to be revealed at this point, and for better or worse I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted with the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA.  In the meantime, you might enjoy this photo gallery as much as I do!

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA


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