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The Dish That Never Fails


What the Musso & Frank Grill has done for almost 100 years, it continues to do flawlessly.  There’s just no going wrong here with liver and onions!  This impeccable dish never fails; it’s a delicious classic well worth the trip on any given day,

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Deliciously Covered

Along the many paths between San Francisco and Los Angeles come stops, the best of which involve food of course. From the signature calf’s liver at Westlake’s Grill on the Alley, to Monterey’s fine presentation of jumbo sea scallops at Passionfish, let’s just say the routes are deliciously covered. Luckily for my waistline, my birthday week comes but once a year. Where– and what– will you be eating during yours?

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So Much More

One very complete menu

The roomy corner bar table must have been waiting for us.  At 6:30 on a Saturday night, we arrived just in time before the place started to really fill up.  With menus in hand and an unobstructed view of the Saints game, we were more than ready for a good dinner.

Speaking of menus, it took no time to make my selection.  After all, when liver-n-onions is on the list– especially at a place I’m visiting for my first time– of course I have to give it a go.

I love finally making it to a dining establishment that’s “on my list,” even when I haven’t previously seen the menu.  I love even more being completely impressed and satisfied.  Such is the case with the very popular Liverpool Lil’s, an obviously well-established destination that now has at least one more fan in yours truly.

The meal of meals

Accompanied by cheesy mashed potatoes and hearty mixed vegetables– including brussels sprouts– the generously portioned liver-n-onions entree proved itself one of the best I’ve had in San Francisco.  The glazed half chicken on my dining companion’s plate didn’t look too meager either, following our shared appetizer of copious, crunchy calamari.  Strong black coffee settled my full stomach perfectly.  That “good” dinner we anticipated turned out to be so much more!

Add to this friendly and flawless service in spite of the growing crowd, and it’s clear Liverpool Lil’s runs a strong show.  Established in 1973, countless have been served, as I will be again very soon no doubt.  Will you be joining?

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“Famously American”

I’ve been meaning to mention yet another dining establishment that’s, well, worth a mention.  “If you happen to find yourself anywhere near Westlake Village” is what I was about to say, until to my surprise at not already knowing, The Grill On The Alley is happy to welcome us to multiple locations.

A modern-day upscale American grill is how I myself might choose to describe it.  It’s as if large seating areas, contemporary espresso-colored woodwork and elaborate bar displays have propelled my much-revered Musso’s or Tadich well into the 21st century, while maintaining a classic Chicago-style menu.  This means, naturally, that the selections are vast and the portions more than ample.  Simply put, you WILL be fed, and in style to boot!

The proper balance of modern and classic is always important.  At The Grill, “modern” means the martini glasses are at least 10 ounces and filled to the top, versus those irksome 7-ounce glasses at the old-school establishments.  Then, “classic” means The Grill offers a delicious calf’s liver entrée.  Any guess at what I ordered?

The Grill On The Alley clearly succeeds in this balance.  While looking forward to my next visit, I won’t have to return to Ventura County, as San Jose is much closer.  Then of course, I’m confident that any location is just as “famously American” as the next.

And that’s my own balanced opinion.

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On The Grill…

Of the several places around town that made my birthday yesterday quite memorable, my lunch spot definitely stands out.  After three months of intent, I finally dined, quite pleasingly so, at the historic Tadich Grill.

I expected to be satisfied.  My expectation was met, hands down.  The menu, while interesting in its extensive selection, was unnecessary; I knew my meal selection well in advance.  After all, Tadich’s version of my always favorite calf’s liver and onions awaited my comparison to the same dish at Little Joe’s.  Both preparations are delicious and unique unto themselves, excusing me from declaring one clearly better than the other.  Whereas Little Joe serves thinner multiple pieces in a rich sauce,  Tadich presents one very large and thick steak off the grill, adorned by a topping of rich sautéed onions.

For any and all of you liver lovers, Tadich Grill is a must.  If your palate calls for something else, your menu choices clearly abound.  My dining companion, for one, seemed to enjoy his very attractive and ample halibut steak.  A Negroni, overflowing in its old-school-sized glass, served as my chosen cocktail accompaniment, though naturally the full bar will accommodate your libation preference.

For its decades upon decades of history, Tadich reminds me very much of Hollywood’s Musso & Frank Grill.  If you know and appreciate Musso’s, you’ll certainly discover some positive words of your own on Tadich.  My next visit will come long before my next birthday, at which time I’ll expect to find even more good to share on the grill.

Tadich Grill menus are printed daily.

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The Culinary Jackpot

Don’t you just love it when you try out a certain restaurant for the first time, and the meal is not just good but truly epic?  Such was the case for me last night, with my virgin visit to Little Joe’s on 5th and Mission.

All too often we give a new place a go, and the experience is… meh.  So when we do actually hit the culinary jackpot, it’s definitely an occasion to be celebrated and remembered.  Little Joe’s deserves plenty of celebration, that’s for sure!

I was on a spontaneous quest for a good liver and onions, as I simply had the craving and had not yet enjoyed the dish here in San Francisco.  After asking around and doing an internet search, my dining destination was quickly set.

Little Joe’s is an Italian restaurant, and let me remind you:  The Italians know how to feed us!  The portions are more than generous, as they should be.  The perfectly cooked liver, topped with mouth-watering sautéed onions, consumed the plate.  As such, my heaping side of hot kidney bean salad sat on its own.  Along came bread as well, and with it the most divine chopped garlic spread… intensely, fantastically garlicky, let me tell you!  The Chianti washed it all down smoothly.

Best liver in town, so far!

Suffice to say, I wanted a GOOD meal, and I hit the bullseye!  Not only was it good, it was refreshingly old school, and an epic experience that made my entire night.  You simply must head on over to Little Joe’s right away, especially if you love liver!  If not, you’ll have plenty from which to choose off of the extensive and reasonably priced menu.  The space is hopping with energy, comfortably filled with lively patrons seated around a scattering of intriguing pictorial history on the walls.  My only suggestion to Little Joe’s is that they dim their bright ceiling lights a bit, as it would enhance the ambiance all the more.

Absolutely, divinely, beyond delicious.  I hit the culinary jackpot.  May my next dining discovery be this perfect!

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