“Famously American”

31 Mar

I’ve been meaning to mention yet another dining establishment that’s, well, worth a mention.  “If you happen to find yourself anywhere near Westlake Village” is what I was about to say, until to my surprise at not already knowing, The Grill On The Alley is happy to welcome us to multiple locations.

A modern-day upscale American grill is how I myself might choose to describe it.  It’s as if large seating areas, contemporary espresso-colored woodwork and elaborate bar displays have propelled my much-revered Musso’s or Tadich well into the 21st century, while maintaining a classic Chicago-style menu.  This means, naturally, that the selections are vast and the portions more than ample.  Simply put, you WILL be fed, and in style to boot!

The proper balance of modern and classic is always important.  At The Grill, “modern” means the martini glasses are at least 10 ounces and filled to the top, versus those irksome 7-ounce glasses at the old-school establishments.  Then, “classic” means The Grill offers a delicious calf’s liver entrée.  Any guess at what I ordered?

The Grill On The Alley clearly succeeds in this balance.  While looking forward to my next visit, I won’t have to return to Ventura County, as San Jose is much closer.  Then of course, I’m confident that any location is just as “famously American” as the next.

And that’s my own balanced opinion.

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