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There’s No Substitution.

While many appetizing descriptors come to mind, suffice to say this incredible mound of meat is worth every dollar, no matter how many more dollars it seems to command these days. There’s no substitution for steak tartare at the Polo Lounge. A true indulgence it continues to be!


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The Dish That Never Fails


What the Musso & Frank Grill has done for almost 100 years, it continues to do flawlessly.  There’s just no going wrong here with liver and onions!  This impeccable dish never fails; it’s a delicious classic well worth the trip on any given day,

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One to Encourage.

A few weeks back, while strolling Manhattan’s Upper East Side in the late afternoon, I happened to come upon The Beach Cafe on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 70th Street, ironically named considering there’s no beach in sight. The place looked interesting and inviting, so I went inside and took a seat at the bar. Within minutes as I sipped my negroni, I caught sight of a posted notice overhead that struck me with delight, one with which I agree wholeheartedly. It prompted a conversation with the pleasant lady sitting a few stools down, and we quickly agreed this policy is one to encourage everywhere. In other words, men, take off your hats when sitting at a bar, and especially at a table! Thank you for the connection, Yvonne!



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Between Excellent & Outstanding…

Opt for the descending cable car ride, or choose the many terraced steps through lush foliage. Either way, you’ll soon have arrived more than halfway down a pristinely landscaped waterfront embankment to the front door of a truly unique and captivating establishment. While architecture dazzles and decor delights– both outside and in– where you end up sitting makes all the difference, not between good and bad, but rather excellent and outstanding.


The seating decision, while a challenging one, likely came well before your arrival. After all, do you have dining reservations, might you be looking for a lighter bite, or are you simply en route to a refreshing oak-cask Negroni at the bar? In any event, all of these scenarios are welcome here at this impressive spot of social history, the one-and-only watering hole of its kind.

The tuna poke appetizer is surprisingly generous; the unfortunate fried chicken sandwich can be forgotten, and may you not be misled by the “ahi melt”– not the rare steak I anticipated, but rather just a fancier name for… you guessed it.  All this and much more is merely in the bar, on the Rock Room menu.  The main show gets underway in the dining room, with seating options spread out over three descending levels no less. (Remember: you entered mid-embankment; the water is still a ways down.) Here now to razzle-dazzle your palate comes the impeccable blackened lamb, taking the gold medal on the dinner menu, if I may say so. Alongside it comes such close competitors as “seafood campanelle”, osso bucco and the typically fail-proof prime rib, among all else– and believe me, there’s plenty “else.”


After the last bite and sip– be it lighter bar fare or no-holds-barred dining– your satisfaction has no excuse for being any less complete than mine, unless of course you insisted on that one tired chicken sandwich.  No matter what you eat and drink here, your ingestion is just half of the total experience, maybe two-thirds with the lamb, while the remainder comes in the unsurpassed architecture, layout and decor with which you’re surrounded.  Altogether, this is the standout establishment to patronize whenever you pass through Capitola, California. This is where ‘excellent’ is trumped only by ‘outstanding’. This is Shadowbrook.


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To a T.

Considering the more-than-generous portions at less-than-outrageous prices, with soup and salad courses included, alongside classicly well-poured libations, altogether it might just be the best deal in town.  After almost 60 years, this special dining spot clearly has it all down to a T.

Tee-Off Santa Barbara

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“Seared” Into Memory…

There’s always a first time, and in this case it’s bacon and ahi tuna in the same bite.  These two distinct yet divergent ingredients lay the foundation for the single most delicious sandwich I’ve eaten in recent memory, if not ever!  Such a successful contrast of flavors really is like no other.

The Best.

The menu wording reads quite simply:  “Seared rare ahi tuna with avocado, grilled pineapple, bacon, red onion, island slaw and greens with wasabi aioli on toasted sourdough.”  What arrives before you:  Absolute bliss. The ahi tuna club at Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach wastes no time in proving itself a unique and delightful experience on the palate.  Then with the addition of a blackberry mai-tai, the deal’s done.  This meal “seared” itself into my discerning culinary memory.

Needless to say, a repeat sitting can’t come too soon.  May your own “taste” meet mine.



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A Bite & Sip of Old-School Santa Barbara

In good company...

You’re in good company here.

Richly flavorful as expected, and while not the single greatest version I’ve ever eaten, indeed a winning incorporation of bacon– chopped into small pieces and mixed evenly among the other main ingredients:  So went my most recent liver-and-onions dinner, this time in Santa Barbara.  It’s a weekly special at this location, served hot though not-quite-hot-enough to counter a rapid drop in temperature, at least in this instance.  As such I polished off my generous plate in a good clip, against the cooling clock that is.  (The arguable and subtle infraction was not enough to send it back.)

Meanwhile, service proved consistent and attentive, once the transition from bland bartendress to talkative table server was complete.  The history is on the wall– literally– and with so many decades of photos and other classic decor to take in, an entire afternoon of “indulgence” seems perfectly reasonable. The copious cocktails runneth over, as well they should– and in this delightfully old-school, red-boothed establishment always do.  And when the time finally comes, the robust coffee will have prepared you for your exit quite comfortably, as of course it did for yours truly, dessert notwithstanding.

Despite minor forgivable hiccups during a crowded dinner hour, my first visit can be considered a success.  I’m confident my imminent second trip to Harry’s Plaza Cafe will be even better.  Join me anytime for a bite and sip, assuming you can locate this discreetly situated local hideaway.

At Harry's...

As you take a seat and get started…


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One Sure Palate Pleaser. Or Two.

IMG_6819Call it a classic dish that never gets old, in an old establishment that’s never been more classic.  At least this is how I think of it.  And by virtue of the fact my favorite mouth-watering culinary creation– custom prepared tableside of course– famously stands the test of time on an ever-changing menu, my selection has been made well before I’ve arrived and sat down.

A raw hamburger patty this is not, yet raw it is.  Ordinary it’s never been, nor boring it ever will be.  In this case there are no others, as my longstanding indulgence shall remain so.  The next time you’re near The Beverly Hills Hotel while feeling the distinct onset of carnivorous adventure– or even if you’re cities away and need to schedule a special trip as I did– drop into the Polo Lounge for the steak tartare.  One sure palate pleaser it is, ready to satisfy any discerning red meat-based taste buds.

It’s even better, I shall go so far to say, than Paradise Cove’s scrumptious seafood burger, a uniquely robust compilation of surprisingly flavorful sea meat in the form of a soft, perfectly cooked patty.  But this is another story altogether; apples and oranges if you will, though easily another sure palate pleaser of superior standing. Altogether, yet again from one part of town to another, our food bases remain well covered!  You might get right on over to Malibu for a more casual early dinner after that tartare lunch has settled!


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Fine Dining: Savor It All for Yourself

Large cooked scallops tend to cool quickly.  Mindful of this culinary reality, you won’t want to devour such a decadent creation right away; rather, the robust combination of flavors and textures deserves to be steadily enjoyed throughout its inevitable temperature descent.  As creamed spinach, butter croutons and “citrus foam” team up with succulent sea meat on a spacious plate, in the company of thick crispy blocks of bacon, subtle oven-dried tomatoes and delightful dabs of salmon caviar, how could you possibly go wrong?

Maravilla's "Scallop BLT"

I myself am about to go wrong if I say more, because the reciting of these stunningly compatible ingredients seems to be compromising my writing concentration, leaving me yearning for another go at this exceptional entree.  As such I shan’t go on but to recommend your own selection of this curiously named “Scallop BLT” upon your visit.  The title proves deceiving, as what arrives before you is anything but a sandwich!

Maravilla's House Cured Salmon

First you need a starter course, of course.  Dare I suggest the above presentation of house-cured salmon adorned with olives, hearts of palm, breaded goat cheese and sea urchin vinaigrette– creatively unveiled on a “slab” fit for any fashionable kitchen– or is this just too much for you to contemplate from such a distance?  Skip to dessert shall I, to the lavender creme brulee, fireside even?  You’ll certainly want to top it off with some of the strongest and most satisfying coffee I’ve tasted in recent memory.

A Fireside Creme Brûlée

Anyone who says fine dining is dead has not experienced Maravilla at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.  To dine here is to experience an evening of sincere yet simple elegance.  The retelling of my pre-Christmas dinner reaches no quick end, as my numerous positive impressions abound– from selection, to service, to overall atmosphere, not to mention the welcoming bar to start off!  Altogether, Maravilla leaves me with a glow on my face, a growl in my stomach and a tighter button on my pants.  But why take my word for it?  Savor it all for yourself.

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Classic, with Class.

A Polo Lounge Birthday

Birthdays are typically marked with simple elegance– or if you prefer, elegant simplicity.  The latest celebration– not my own this time– proved no exception.  The Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel remains the classic spot for a classy tribute, surrounded as always by the fascinating ghosts of Hollywood history.

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A Respectable Degree, Fingers Crossed.

Since when has there been any issue with the term elegant?  While the apt descriptor thrives in varying degrees, never have I sensed a negative connotation with its use.  Alas, I was momentarily taken aback.

Proposed TOTG logos

  Times, styles and terms change, fortunately and unfortunately.  Today, fondly recalling my satisfying visits to the debatably elegant “palace of kitsch” circa 2000, my curious anticipation of its pending reopening goes without saying.  For the final selection of bowls, plates, glasses and flatware with which we are ultimately presented, coupled with the long-in-coming new logo, among all else, I’m counting on a respectable degree of that apparently frowned-upon “elegance” here– at least as much as today’s seemingly not-so-old-fashioned, dress-code-adverse New Yorkers will allow.  Must “hip” come at the expense of “elegant,” after all?

Tavern sketch

In any event, the “new” Tavern on the Green will soon open its doors– hopefully in the right direction.  I’m looking forward to the experience on my next NYC visit, loss of “kitsch” noted.  My fingers are crossed.

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Not My Last…

When heading far enough north on I-55 out of New Orleans, you’ll inevitably encounter one historical– and perhaps more importantly, tasty– site that’s a must-stop.  I speak of course of Middendorf’s, home of not just what’s been called “possibly the best fried fish in the world,” but also of what yours truly calls unique, delicious and downright worth the experience– the famous turtle soup!  While this month marked my first visit to the spirited yet understated establishment, along with my first taste of such a well-known delicacy, at least now I can say it’s definitely not my last, of either.  I have a feeling you’ll be saying the same.

Click for more photos.

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When in Ojai…

Jimmy's Pub


Be it a bulging bleu cheese burger cooked deliciously rare, a copious crab roll crying out for a bit more flavor, an ample Absolut Peppar martini or simply a ready round of the gloriously garlic potato chips, choices abound.  The friendly service, peaceful atmosphere and comfortable accommodations come standard– whatever your selection might be.  

Jimmy’s Pub always awaits, stylishly yet quietly tucked away at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

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When in Inverness…

Vladimir's Czech Restaurant

A unique, unexpected and tasty surprise it is.  Quietly tucked away along Marin County’s Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, just a few miles northwest of Point Reyes in the little town of Inverness, lies a family-run dining establishment that’s been around for quite some time.  Suffice to say, it immediately called to me.  Once the menu was before my eyes on the front door, I knew this would be the site of my evening’s meal.  In the end, disappointment was nowhere to be found.  The garlic rabbit proved as delicious as it sounded.  As such, I highly recommend the Vladimir’s experience, whenever you might wander into the area.  Just be sure you have cash or a checkbook, as credit cards are an unknown concept.  Fortunately, friendly service is not!

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Deliciously Covered

Along the many paths between San Francisco and Los Angeles come stops, the best of which involve food of course. From the signature calf’s liver at Westlake’s Grill on the Alley, to Monterey’s fine presentation of jumbo sea scallops at Passionfish, let’s just say the routes are deliciously covered. Luckily for my waistline, my birthday week comes but once a year. Where– and what– will you be eating during yours?

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Doing It Right.

The portions are large and the temperature hot!  While unfortunately this cannot always be said for many popular dining establishments, thankfully one of my San Francisco favorites knows what’s important.  My previous glowing review stands, even if liver is no longer a daily option.  From the rich and hearty beef bourguignonne to one sizable and flavorful marsala pork chop, my menu exploration will most certainly continue.  I highly recommend your own visit the next time you find yourself on the Marina-Presidio border.  It’s refreshingly clear that now after 40 years of practice, Liverpool Lil’s leads the way in doing it right.

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Avec Chevre…

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One Delicious Deal

All You Can Eat!It doesn’t get better than this.  Well actually it does, if you go for the big meaty frog legs in the extensive hot section.  Either way, how can you possibly beat plate, after plate, after plate of all-you-can-eat sashimi, among all else no less, at Hokkaido Seafood Buffet in San Mateo?  Go ahead and try, but anywhere else you’ll surely spend far more than the going dinner rate of $20!  That’s right.  Stuff yourself silly with succulent raw fish, for less than the cost of gas to get there.  One delicious deal it is, hands down!  Good thing I don’t live next door.

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With Our View…

Seeing as the world did not end yesterday– whether to your dismay or delight– we carry on with our view of the planet largely unscathed.  With this remains the chance to enjoy a lovely cocktail– or any number of your choosing– before an equally lovely 39th floor view, all at San Francisco’s appropriately named View Lounge.  The fish tacos look pretty good as well, by the way.  Here’s to the world intact.  Cheers!

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The Old School Nod, Again.

When in SF's Union Square...

It’s true once more.  As I’ve noted time and again, old school never fails.  A visit to the above-pictured historical establishment is highly recommended anytime you happen to find yourself hungry and thirsty– healthy yet not necessarily obese wallet in tow– in the Union Square vicinity of San Francisco.  Anytime, this is to say, except perhaps a Saturday night in December when getting the lone bartender’s attention may present a challenge during the extended table wait.  Nevertheless, if you’re already guessing the “old school” menu feature that for me of course is a must, then along with a heaping side of history you might enjoy it as well!


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Always A Winner

For attentive, efficient and confident service, along with delightfully tasteful live music, an elegantly stunning bar display, and one of the most scrumptious filet mignons in town, Mastro’s Steakhouse is always a winner.  Ambiance, tone and overall presentation remained unmatched in my book, not to mention the large martini shaker remains on the table for your own copious second pour!   While I’ve yet to be hit with a less-than-thoroughly satisfying experience at Mastro’s, it’s a safe bet to say I never will, thankfully enough.

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When in New Orleans…

The famous Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone is a unique must.

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Old School Never Fails

“One of a Kind.”

“A Tasty Classic.”

“An Institution.”

What can I possibly say now that hasn’t been expressed once, twice or 5000 times over the past 163 years?  For all the positive reviews out there of “San Francisco’s oldest restaurant,” both my discerning eye and satisfied palate heartily concur.

The bread, butter and water are already on the counter as you sit down.  While images of bygone times decorate the walls as history permeates the air, one very thorough yet no-frills menu awaits.  Tadich Grill remains the unmatched place to savor a real meal while enjoying a unique journey through time.  Despite today’s higher-than-1930 prices, portions remain more than generous as service proves extremely efficient.  After this long it’s safe to say the entire staff has procedure and routine down to a science.

Time and again the rave reviews have poured in, a book awaits your purchase, and a brief yet informative history synopsis covers the daily printed menus.  As the establishment’s website proclaims:  “The Tadich Grill experience is like no other.”  To this, upon my much-anticipated second visit and repeat enjoyment of the best liver-and-onions in town, I happily add my own accolade:  Old school never fails!


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This Delicious Day in History

March 28:

37 – Roman Emperor Caligula accepts the titles of the Principate, entitled to him by the Senate.

845 – Paris is sacked by Viking raiders, probably under Ragnar Lodbrok, who collects a huge ransom in exchange for leaving.

1738 – English parliament declares war on Spain (War of Jenkin’s Ear)

1774 – Britain passes Coercive Act against Massachusetts

1776 – Juan Bautista de Anza finds the site for the Presidio of San Francisco

1794 – Louvre opens to the public

1799 – NY State abolished slavery

1845 – Mexico drops diplomatic relations with US

1866 – First ambulance goes into service

1881 – Greatest Show On Earth was formed by PT Barnum & James A Bailey

1885 – US Salvation Army officially organized

1910 – First seaplane, takes off from water at Martinques France (Henri Fabre)

1920 – Actor Douglas Fairbanks marries actress Mary Pickford

1933 – German Reichstag confers dictatorial powers on Hitler

1939 – Spanish Civil War ends, Madrid falls to Francisco Franco

1944 – Astrid Lindgren sprains ankle & begins writing Pippi Longstocking

1945 – Last German V-2 (buzz bomb) attack on London

1959 – China dissolves Tibet’s government

1960 – Pope John raises the first Japanese, first African & first Filipino cardinal

1974 – Ryan R. Sanderson is born

2012- A delicious and delightful lunch is enjoyed at the newly remodeled Hotel Bel Air, featuring steak tartar and sashimi salad, to celebrate Ryan’s 38th birthday.  Ryan rests very satisfied with the occasion and recommends the dining destination to all.

The healthy, relatively light and very well-presented sashimi salad is a must!

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Quite An Introduction…

The 17th of March, safe to say, is not another typical day to visit Foley’s Irish House just off San Francisco’s Union Square.  Still, seeing as my somewhat-Irish entourage and I were clad in green spirit (literally), and mindful that Foley’s has long topped my personal list of San Francisco establishments to experience, we could not have chosen a better place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Unless I wait another year, my second trip to Foley’s will be nowhere nearly as loud, crowded and jubilant as my first.  Nevertheless, my St. Patrick’s Day introduction has left me thoroughly impressed with Foley’s richly and classically decorated space, coupled with an extensive food and drink menu that clearly deserves further enjoyment.  I look forward to my return and recommend your own visit, relative peace and quiet notwithstanding!


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So Much More

One very complete menu

The roomy corner bar table must have been waiting for us.  At 6:30 on a Saturday night, we arrived just in time before the place started to really fill up.  With menus in hand and an unobstructed view of the Saints game, we were more than ready for a good dinner.

Speaking of menus, it took no time to make my selection.  After all, when liver-n-onions is on the list– especially at a place I’m visiting for my first time– of course I have to give it a go.

I love finally making it to a dining establishment that’s “on my list,” even when I haven’t previously seen the menu.  I love even more being completely impressed and satisfied.  Such is the case with the very popular Liverpool Lil’s, an obviously well-established destination that now has at least one more fan in yours truly.

The meal of meals

Accompanied by cheesy mashed potatoes and hearty mixed vegetables– including brussels sprouts– the generously portioned liver-n-onions entree proved itself one of the best I’ve had in San Francisco.  The glazed half chicken on my dining companion’s plate didn’t look too meager either, following our shared appetizer of copious, crunchy calamari.  Strong black coffee settled my full stomach perfectly.  That “good” dinner we anticipated turned out to be so much more!

Add to this friendly and flawless service in spite of the growing crowd, and it’s clear Liverpool Lil’s runs a strong show.  Established in 1973, countless have been served, as I will be again very soon no doubt.  Will you be joining?

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Prosperity, Wealth & Good Luck

What better way to kick off the new year than by eating?!

According to Southern tradition, so I’m told, the first big meal of the year carries quite a bit of meaning.  As such, in my home tonight, thanks to the well-planned preparations of two Southern gentlemen, the lineup consists of pork for prosperity, cabbage for wealth, and black-eyed peas for good luck.

The meanings were explained to me and seem to make decent sense.  See for yourself if you can figure them out.  Suffice to say, my first dinner of 2012 has been beyond satisfying.  I hope and rather doubt, however, that such copious consumption will be a nightly trend this year.  Happy New Year!

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Oh, Those Dollar Tuesdays

“Is it always this crowded?,” I asked the hostess.  “Usually not,” she replied, “but it’s Tuesday.”

It didn’t take long for me to agree with this collection of hungry patrons that an excellent deal was at hand.  At the same time, I asked myself how I could have walked past this spot so many times and not stopped in before now.  Better late than never though, as I’m now fully acquainted with the tasty treasure trove on the southwest corner of 14th and Market, otherwise known as Woodhouse Fish Company.

Fresh, flaky and substantial are my words for the fish n’ chips, a selection that immediately proves itself not only far superior to the equivalent in any nearby pub, but also more reasonably priced.  The salmon filet special in pesto with Brussels sprouts stands as nothing less than delicious, generous and satisfying.  Generally speaking, we’re talking pleasing portions for attractive prices, a conclusion backed up by my cross-table spotting of the crabcakes, the calamari and the shrimp pasta.  My yet-to-be-experienced ahi tuna burger is driving my hasty return, a meal for which I already have hopefully not-too-high expectations of true lusciousness.

Small tables are intimately positioned into a limited and somewhat awkward space.  The wine glasses seem far too small, quickly elevating beer as the better deal.  Still, as wiggle room and libation are secondary to the terrific food, these elements actually seem forgivable.

Even with a full house, service remains prompt, friendly and mostly attentive, despite a couple minor forgotten requests such as water and an extra plate.  Again, in this case a few details might just as well be overlooked, especially considering the speedy arrival of a third plate of the “Tuesday special.”

Oh yes, it’s Tuesday, dollar Tuesday to be exact.  One dozen large oysters on an ice-packed plate for $12 is a fabulous deal I have yet to see matched, at least in this neighborhood.

One-dollar oysters!  I’ll be back, as obviously will many others.


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Unlike My First…

They’re called “wing bombs.”  I call them odd and complicated, despite a strong and tasty bolt of horseradish.  The “corn fritters” deserve marks for creative preparation, while their relatively bland taste falls flat.  Then come two entrees, New York steak “cubes” and sea bass edamame, both of which immediately cry out in embarrassment of their paltry quantity.  While the flavor stood its ground, to my dismay my stomach did not reach its necessary capacity.  Add to this one overworked waitress who clearly needed additional assistance, leading to overall service that was hurried and inattentive.  Thankfully the wine, a Lodi Zinfandel, was delicious!

My second dining experience at Tangerine painfully paled in comparison to my delightful first, I’m sorry to say.  Plus it’s not the place to go if you, like my dinner companion, are in search of a real steak.  Still, for the numerous appealing menu selections yet to be conquered, plus a more hearty dish I eyeballed at an adjacent table, maybe– just maybe– a third trip is in order.

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Simply Another Night

The atmosphere quickly proves inviting and luxurious, far exceeding any expectations the name itself connotes.  I’ve always enjoyed the space, though less so on a crowded Saturday evening as eager patrons hawkishly manuver for a chair at the bar.  Once seated, the reasonably priced bar menu seems the way to go, at least where cost is concerned.  The $14 burger remains for me one of the most satisfying in the area, best enjoyed I must say on an empty stomach, meaning:  Very rich and filling!  Unfortunately, the Grey Goose martini with which you might want to wash it down is not as good a deal, being not just surprisingly undersized, but costing the same amount as the burger itself!  You’re far better off with wine, if not their deliciously strong coffee.

Inviting & Luxurious

My most recent experience echoes some of the words of this review written last year, not my own.  Initially friendly service grew inattentive throughout the course of our meal, ending with a bill mistakenly charging me for glasses of a $16 wine instead of the $9 selection my party had consumed.  Overall, some of the main menu offerings simply do not seem worth their exorbitant price tags.  If cost if no concern for you however, by all means judge for yourself.  The comfortable and elegant ambiance makes for a lovely evening, assuming of course your entree is cooked correctly and the staff does not ignore you for too long.  For better or worse, it’s simply another night in Woodside at the Village Pub.

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