A Respectable Degree, Fingers Crossed.

26 Oct

Since when has there been any issue with the term elegant?  While the apt descriptor thrives in varying degrees, never have I sensed a negative connotation with its use.  Alas, I was momentarily taken aback.

Proposed TOTG logos

  Times, styles and terms change, fortunately and unfortunately.  Today, fondly recalling my satisfying visits to the debatably elegant “palace of kitsch” circa 2000, my curious anticipation of its pending reopening goes without saying.  For the final selection of bowls, plates, glasses and flatware with which we are ultimately presented, coupled with the long-in-coming new logo, among all else, I’m counting on a respectable degree of that apparently frowned-upon “elegance” here– at least as much as today’s seemingly not-so-old-fashioned, dress-code-adverse New Yorkers will allow.  Must “hip” come at the expense of “elegant,” after all?

Tavern sketch

In any event, the “new” Tavern on the Green will soon open its doors– hopefully in the right direction.  I’m looking forward to the experience on my next NYC visit, loss of “kitsch” noted.  My fingers are crossed.

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