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Oh, Those Dollar Tuesdays

“Is it always this crowded?,” I asked the hostess.  “Usually not,” she replied, “but it’s Tuesday.”

It didn’t take long for me to agree with this collection of hungry patrons that an excellent deal was at hand.  At the same time, I asked myself how I could have walked past this spot so many times and not stopped in before now.  Better late than never though, as I’m now fully acquainted with the tasty treasure trove on the southwest corner of 14th and Market, otherwise known as Woodhouse Fish Company.

Fresh, flaky and substantial are my words for the fish n’ chips, a selection that immediately proves itself not only far superior to the equivalent in any nearby pub, but also more reasonably priced.  The salmon filet special in pesto with Brussels sprouts stands as nothing less than delicious, generous and satisfying.  Generally speaking, we’re talking pleasing portions for attractive prices, a conclusion backed up by my cross-table spotting of the crabcakes, the calamari and the shrimp pasta.  My yet-to-be-experienced ahi tuna burger is driving my hasty return, a meal for which I already have hopefully not-too-high expectations of true lusciousness.

Small tables are intimately positioned into a limited and somewhat awkward space.  The wine glasses seem far too small, quickly elevating beer as the better deal.  Still, as wiggle room and libation are secondary to the terrific food, these elements actually seem forgivable.

Even with a full house, service remains prompt, friendly and mostly attentive, despite a couple minor forgotten requests such as water and an extra plate.  Again, in this case a few details might just as well be overlooked, especially considering the speedy arrival of a third plate of the “Tuesday special.”

Oh yes, it’s Tuesday, dollar Tuesday to be exact.  One dozen large oysters on an ice-packed plate for $12 is a fabulous deal I have yet to see matched, at least in this neighborhood.

One-dollar oysters!  I’ll be back, as obviously will many others.


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