Quite An Introduction…

19 Mar

The 17th of March, safe to say, is not another typical day to visit Foley’s Irish House just off San Francisco’s Union Square.  Still, seeing as my somewhat-Irish entourage and I were clad in green spirit (literally), and mindful that Foley’s has long topped my personal list of San Francisco establishments to experience, we could not have chosen a better place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Unless I wait another year, my second trip to Foley’s will be nowhere nearly as loud, crowded and jubilant as my first.  Nevertheless, my St. Patrick’s Day introduction has left me thoroughly impressed with Foley’s richly and classically decorated space, coupled with an extensive food and drink menu that clearly deserves further enjoyment.  I look forward to my return and recommend your own visit, relative peace and quiet notwithstanding!


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