By No Other Name

16 Mar

My favorite annual day of indulgence and festivity comes tomorrow, falling on a sure-to-be bustling, spirited and office-free Saturday this year.  As always, my green wardrobe is ready to go!  We’re talking of course about what could only be called St. Patrick’s Day– or — does it now have another name?

Apparently someone has renamed our joyous Irish holiday, in a move that’s simply preposterous, outlandish and asinine!  Seeing as “stupid”, “ridiculous” and “illogical” have already been used,  I must add to the list of appropriate descriptors.  If you have your own to include, do share!

There can never be another name for St. Patrick’s Day.  Any such attempt is certainly nothing more than “political correctness gone too far.”


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Posted by on March 16, 2012 in And That's My Opinion, Current Events, News


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