Almost For Reelz?

04 Apr

Katie as Jackie

The steadily maturing Katie Holmes has been transformed into a surprisingly convincing First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, bearing a striking resemblance to the beautiful and beloved woman herself, at least in appearance.

This is all I can say right now on the much-hyped miniseries “The Kennedys.”  I’ve not yet seen the first two-hour installment that premiered last night on the Reelz Channel, though apparently many of you have.  Reelz is not easy to come by, considering I searched for it on two televisions with different providers, only to twice come up empty-handed.

“The Kennedys” would no doubt have been much easier to watch on The History Channel, where it was originally supposed to air before the real-life family balked over the series’ accuracy (or lack thereof), leading to the network supposedly feeling the pains of controversy and caving into the pressure that came with it.

After all that’s been portrayed over the years about the Kennedy family, through so many films and other artistic outlets, each of them certainly varying in accuracy from one to the next, I have to scratch my head and wonder this:  How could the Kennedy family possibly object now?  What exactly is so inflammatory about this particular production that its alleged offenses supersede all others that have come before?  Now of course, amid all this controversy-themed chatter, I’m all the more eager to sit down and watch “The Kennedys” and answer my own question.

In any event, the recaps and reviews are quickly coming in.  Some even appear to disagree with my simple nod to Ms. Holmes, which I may or may not have to later amend.  Nonetheless, “The Kennedys” is reportedly setting ratings records, no doubt fueled in part by all the misplaced buzz that has preceded it.  One way or another, I’ll soon be deciding for myself if Katie’s Jackie, along with the rest of the players, are or are not “almost for reelz.”

And that’s my yet-to-be-determined opinion.


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