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Long Live The Hats!

My favorite hat of the day.

Unbeknownst to me it was going to happen, in the final preceding hours it did.  And here I am now to admit to it.  This is to say, the strong undertow of Royal Wedding current pulled me in, drowning me in a sea of fixated early-morning delight.

I must say I really do love all the hats.  The wedding’s collective display of such “unique” headpieces simply makes me wish for such bold proclamations of fashion more regularly by American women.  Sure, there’s always the Kentucky Derby, though this is by far not enough.

British socialite Tara Palmer Tomkinson has earned my nod for number one in the Royal Wedding guest headdress department.  Then, while much has already been said about Princess Beatrice’s headpiece and the ridiculous nature thereof, of which I do not necessarily disagree, she nevertheless earns plenty of points in my book for “individuality.”

From striking, to silly, to relatively tame.

A fantastic, stand-out color choice.

Taste and elegance.

On the male side, the groom appeared positively stunning in his Irish Guard uniform.  Of course I’m always partial to any formal dress of bright red.  The now Duke of Cambridge stood boldly and brightly in his own right, wonderfully complementing though of course not upstaging his beautiful bride, who herself appeared most tasteful, elegant and at least superficially at ease.  The groom’s brother emerged not half bad himself, might I add.

Her Majesty made her own cheerful and refreshing color choice, I must say.  The yellow proved more fetching to me than her usual runs of ivory or robin-egg blue.  Speaking of usual, however, the Duchess of Cornwall left me squarely unimpressed.  Camilla’s predictable choice of champagne (she wore almost the exact color in her wedding six years ago) merely washes her out.  Then again, perhaps she knows better than to “shine” in the public eye, especially on this occasion.

The media coverage was thorough and satisfactory all around, as I bounced between CNN, FNC, MSNBC, TLC and E!  I did gasp when a TLC commentator referred to “the mother of the groom” in speaking of Camilla, continuing on to say she assumed the role in Diana’s unchosen absence.  Really?  Au contraire!  Diana would surely spin in her grave at such an assertion, one most certainly unfounded and with which few if anyone would agree.  As such, I’ll let it go.

A lovely springtime choice for HM

Needless to say, all the planning and preparation has come and gone.  The Royal Wedding has happened, Prince William is a married man, and hopefully Prince Harry made it to his “survivor’s breakfast” in good company this morning.  Now for the “Royal Recovery,” and perhaps the start of wagers on whether or not William’s first child will arrive as quickly as he himself did!

I’m happy the wedding occurred, I’m thrilled to have watched it, and I look forward to the next gathering of positively outrageous hats!

In the meantime, do a Google Image search of “Royal Wedding Hats” and enjoy!  Here, I’ll do it for you!


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