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A Fresh Look…

To new homes...

Among all the classic masterpieces already sold, slowly by surely come more for sale via Mercedes Motoring.  It’s always a pleasure to take a fresh look at the remarkable lot.

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History That Shines, MBZ Style.



From one famous version to the next, to capture such a transition in the same eyeshot always proves fascinating, especially via matching samples. This particular automotive progression covers 1971 to 1972, W113 to R107, second generation to third– or most visibly, 280 to 350/450. Altogether, the Mercedes-Benz SL shines through its rich history, while in this case the original California blue plates accurately reflect the close purchase period, no less.  And to think, the newer of the two sits for sale right now in Santa Barbara, asking price $26K in case you’re so inclined.



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Halted, Again.


On my regular cycling route along Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu came a recent halt to my cadence, much to my non-surprise.  After all, at hand is this rare, stunning and visibly flawless 1974 450 SE, if not with original paint job then appropriately repainted to the period-popular factory color of thistle.  This particular car’s rare column shifter is noteworthy; the oversized American-spec bumpers are not, first mandated in this model year after all.  Halted as I was, the happier I resumed my ride.  My affinity for well-kept vintage Mercedes-Benz cars lives on, especially considering those the exact same age as I am.  If I could look this good at 40! 😉

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Evolution, Nicely Stacked.

History proves especially attractive when nicely stacked together.

The Mercedes-Benz SL:  Evolution proves especially attractive when all generations are nicely stacked together.

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Seeing Another “S-Car-Go”…

…merely to be outdone by its replacement.  So comes number nine, the next in a remarkable line of generations that have closely followed our own… uh, generations. The 2014 S-Class will be joining the Mercedes-Benz U.S. lineup just about any day now.  Meanwhile, the insightfully wordy folks at Vanity Fair have done us the good deed of ranking all “S-carnations” for our careful review– including the brand-new ninth.  Let’s just say that for the order in which they here fall, I do mostly concur– especially with number one!

In any case, here’s to seeing another “S-Car” come and… well, you know.


Click on the photo to see number nine.

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Much More Remains…

The new Mercedes-Benz CLA
 Intrigued?  Yes.  Sold?  Not quite yet.  I’ll need to see more– much more– of this newest member of the family before knowing what I really think.  While her lines are attractive no doubt, I fear ultimate disappointment for– among a number of possible reasons– just being too small for any human being six feet and above.  Then, starting at the entry-level price point, are we not already wondering how many expected amenities are in place– or not– at the outset?  In any event, my attention is present– along with my questions.  Much more remains to be revealed at this point, and for better or worse I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted with the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA.  In the meantime, you might enjoy this photo gallery as much as I do!

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA


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Driving The Past Into the Future

More captivating to me than any moment in last night’s enjoyable yet typical Oscars telecast is a commercial that preceded the show’s opening, one powerfully rich in historical presentation, striking a beautiful balance between the past and the present, while launching viewers into an exciting immediate future.

Seconds into the one-minute spot, I was riveted.  As the visual timeline unfolded, I watched closely in awe, smiling all the more.  By the end I was breathless, sold on the “breathtaking” item at hand.  To the advertising professionals who created this piece, I applaud a job beyond well done, thankful for yet another wonderful MBZ showcase I will enjoy watching again… and again.  This product indeed has a lifelong hold on me, after all.

History “drives” us into the future.  True as this can be in most aspects of life, it’s certainly a very powerful advertising principle, one that always works for me no doubt.  This said, the commercial is here for all you car lovers and Mercedes-Benz aficionados to enjoy as much as I do.

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My Car of Cars

Apparently someone out there is doing my thinking– and my writing– for me, at least on one very specific and much beloved work of automotive machinery.  Imagine, a website– and domain name even– dedicated to my car of cars.  Better yet, don’t just imagine it.  See it here!

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Improving On Success

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS: Stunning!

As I’ve previously discussed, Mercedes-Benz styling is on a refreshing upswing these days.  While several models have recently been reemerging more handsome than ever, here now comes one more.

The 2012 CLS is simply stunning, all the way from the aggressive and muscular nose to a smooth and refined backside.  While the first-generation CLS has certainly been unique and eye-catching over the past six years, the second generation clearly and boldly improves upon success. In addition to looks, meanwhile, the mechanics of the new CLS may very well prove superior to those of often-troubled rival Jaguar XF.

As the reviews trickle in, I look forward to witnessing this welcome new member of the MBZ family take its rightful place on the open road.

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“Welcome to the Family”

In that fantastic Mercedes-Benz commercial that aired during the Super Bowl ten days ago, four new models were “welcomed to the family.”  At that time, I quietly contemplated my surprising realization that I could not immediately name one of them.  We saw the second-generation CLS, the third-generation SLK, the elegantly reigning SLS, and… a fourth emerging family member whom I myself had not yet identified.

The mystery, for me at least, has ended.  Yet another exciting and welcome addition to the MBZ line has been revealed in its entirety, via the Mercedes-Benz Facebook page among other outlets.  My instant take is this:  The new car is handsome overall, even more so when its muscular lines are looked upon from the front and side; the model is very sensible and practical in its place in the lengthy MBZ hierarchy; and perhaps most of all, this addition is sure to be an immediate and formidable rival to its already-established competition, namely the BMW 3-series models of two doors.

I join Mercedes-Benz in welcoming to the family, the all-new C-Class Coupe!

Welcome, C-Coupe!

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My Winners

It should come as no surprise that my favorite Super Bowl commercials were those for cars.  Perhaps the surprise lies in the idea that a rival to my always-preferred Mercedes-Benz seems to have stolen the show, at least in my book.

Of course the MBZ spot was absolutely fantastic and powerfully moving, so to speak, laden with captivating nostalgia while launching us into an exciting future.  It’s at least my number two.  Then, another extensively and brilliantly produced car spot held my attention all the way to its disappointing finish.  In this case, the revelation of just exactly the car being advertised was a pure let down.  Sorry KIA, while your spot had me going there, you yourself don’t excite me.  Thankfully, I got a good chuckle out of BMW’s ad for the 335d, as it poked exaggerated yet somewhat truthful fun at the various “dirty” diesels of yesteryear.  All the while, amid mounds of visual stimulation and historical contemplation, I do believe my choice of favorite Super Bowl ad, if I were to choose just one, has to go to the celebrity-studded work of comedy itself, one I’ll need to watch a couple more times to thoroughly absorb all its crisscrossing elements. This “winner” of which I speak, to my aforementioned surprise, is Audi.  The new A8 has arrived via advertising dominance!

Beer and chips sell themselves as far as I’m concerned.  This said, I do appreciate Dorito’s homoerotic undertones, intentional or not.  Meanwhile, the NFL itself touched the nostalgia nerve in a wonderful way.  And any appearance by the terrifically shameless Joan Rivers, complete in all her camp, always spells success.  Last night’s was no exception. Finally, with another nod to homoeroticism, let’s not forget to “cram it in the boot!”  Mini’s hysterical ad is most certainly my number three!

Out of all of this, including all I’m forgetting to mention, the car ads stand as my winners. I’m just sorry Betty White was too busy to make any appearance this time around!

All said, that’s my opinion!


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