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All By Itself.

One truly stunning white-on-red classic effortlessly contributes a generous splash of panache to my neighborhood street.  While such a specimen of historic German elegance emerges from a long line of attractive relatives competing for their place, this particular 1961 190 SL also happens to hold its own, making a powerfully nostalgic statement all by itself.

Mercedes-Benz 190SL

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A Fresh Look…

To new homes...

Among all the classic masterpieces already sold, slowly by surely come more for sale via Mercedes Motoring.  It’s always a pleasure to take a fresh look at the remarkable lot.

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After all these years, she still turns heads.  The now-classic grand coupe continues to grab my attention every increasingly rare time she crosses my path.  Nothing else quite competes with the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC in terms of overall style and simple elegance.  This beauty remains a strong number two on my MBZ wish list!

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The One.

Of all the timeless and elegant automotive creations I admire– and aspire to own– this uncomplicated ’80s classic remains at the top of my list.  There’s nothing quite like a well-maintained factory original to command my attention, in red of course.  Recalling my prize sighting two years ago, a 560 SL is still the one in my book!


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On The Nose.

“This must be a 1958,” I declared with quick yet careful thought, if not just calculated guessing.  “You hit it right on the nose,” the gentleman replied.  “1958 it is.”  Oh, how I love it when I’m dead-on with MBZ model years!

Spotting it well ahead of me in the gray-sky distance while cycling through Golden Gate Park, I knew right away this one would stop me in my tracks.  And let me tell you, it was well worth my break in cadence, not to mention an excellent photo-op.  What I had the good timing to encounter has to be the most pristine Mercedes-Benz 190 SL I believe I’ve ever seen in the open air, outside of a showroom or auto show that is.

If you’re even more spellbound than I am and happen to have a bit of cash to spare, this timeless automotive masterpiece can most certainly be yours.  All Steve at CarPlanet will need is the money of course.  See if you can guess this classic’s asking price; you might just hit the figure on the nose!


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Two in One

The sightings of classic Mercedes-Benz automobiles– two of them, in one day, and in the same neighborhood that is– no doubt call out for a camera.

First we see a 1966 230 SL, followed by a 1972 250 C, both well used yet more than decently maintained.  Not only are these two magnificent cars obviously still on the road, but even better– they’re both still on the road with their original license plates, thus adorning the badge that marks their true age, while allowing a California license plate numbers guy like myself to pinpoint their precise model years and months of purchase.

All in all, I say this was a terrific day to be on foot in San Francisco’s Lower Haight!

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