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All By Itself.

One truly stunning white-on-red classic effortlessly contributes a generous splash of panache to my neighborhood street.  While such a specimen of historic German elegance emerges from a long line of attractive relatives competing for their place, this particular 1961 190 SL also happens to hold its own, making a powerfully nostalgic statement all by itself.

Mercedes-Benz 190SL

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A Fresh Look…

To new homes...

Among all the classic masterpieces already sold, slowly by surely come more for sale via Mercedes Motoring.  It’s always a pleasure to take a fresh look at the remarkable lot.

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Adding to My Bucket List…

Checking out the offerings du jour from my newest favorite sales source, this beautiful gem quickly rose to the top.  1978 was certainly a good year for SLs.  As such, I’m adding to my bucket list a cross-country road trip from Vermont to California.

The details are here, in case you beat me to it:

1978 Mercedes-Benz 450SL for sale #1765408 | Hemmings Motor News.

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Again, Worth Stopping.

As I’ve mentioned at least once before, a favorite cycling moment for me is one in which I’m brought to a halt by the sight of a well-kept, vintage Mercedes-Benz.  Such an instance came again, this time along Foothill Road in Santa Barbara.  On this occasion the beautiful classic worth stopping to examine was one Stone Pine Green 1976 450 SL, in remarkable condition– at least cosmetically for all I could see.  And even better– it’s for sale, along with many more photos than my one.  Have a complete look for yourself if you share my appreciation.

1976 450 SL, Stone Pine Green

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From Within.


Upon mere outside glance the decision might be a difficult one, given such immediate similarity between the C and CLA.  As well discussed however, the numerous distinctions come from within the engineering of these two Mercedes-Benz cars, not to mention that other difference– the one from within your bank account.  Horsepower, drivetrain and rear headroom aside, talking pure looks in this case, I get the feeling I’d opt for the lower-priced CLA myself.  Et vous?

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Beyond The Emblem…

Seeing more and more of them on the road, along with knowing a few people who happily own one, the BMW X1 has really grown on me over the past year or so.  The small “SAV” moves with refreshing distinction amidst its attractive styling, especially in metallic “Valencia Orange” that quite nicely complements its compact size and well-toned body.

BMW X1 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLA

BMW X1 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLA (Photo:


Such simple praise, however, I simply cannot bestow upon the X1’s latest rival.  Yet again in terms of Mercedes-Benz, unfortunately, I find myself most unimpressed with the new GLA-Class. Having encountered it out and about for my first time this week, I quickly saw beyond the emblem to… well, little more.  Ignoring the three-pointed star, what appeared before me was a bland and far-from-unique shell that could carry just about any logo, especially from the rear– Acura, Toyota and Hyundai quickly come to mind.  Perhaps the GLA just looks too non-German.

Honda?  Kia?  Oh, Mercedes.

Honda? Kia? Oh, Mercedes. (Photo:


Suffice to say, in a purely cosmetic X1 vs. GLA match-up, the former wins hands down.  The latter is unlikely to grow on me anytime soon.  For all my MBZ love, I realize all the more as yet another model dives into a very crowded pool, that my heart remains in the 20th century.


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History That Shines, MBZ Style.



From one famous version to the next, to capture such a transition in the same eyeshot always proves fascinating, especially via matching samples. This particular automotive progression covers 1971 to 1972, W113 to R107, second generation to third– or most visibly, 280 to 350/450. Altogether, the Mercedes-Benz SL shines through its rich history, while in this case the original California blue plates accurately reflect the close purchase period, no less.  And to think, the newer of the two sits for sale right now in Santa Barbara, asking price $26K in case you’re so inclined.



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Halted, Again.


On my regular cycling route along Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu came a recent halt to my cadence, much to my non-surprise.  After all, at hand is this rare, stunning and visibly flawless 1974 450 SE, if not with original paint job then appropriately repainted to the period-popular factory color of thistle.  This particular car’s rare column shifter is noteworthy; the oversized American-spec bumpers are not, first mandated in this model year after all.  Halted as I was, the happier I resumed my ride.  My affinity for well-kept vintage Mercedes-Benz cars lives on, especially considering those the exact same age as I am.  If I could look this good at 40! 😉

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A Halt in My Step.

The sight of an impeccably restored and beautifully detailed– not to mention blindingly buffed– 1981 380 SLC proves more than enough to put a halt in the step of any true classic Mercedes-Benz aficionado.  So it is for yours truly, as I clearly halt in good company– with a well-deserved nod to the responsible party.

The 1981 Mercedes-Benz 380 SLC: A stunning one-year rarity.


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My New Favorite…

Online discoveries often prove exciting, especially when they involve numerous vintage Mercedes-Benz automobiles in absolutely phenomenal condition.  Simply put, my new favorite website has me spellbound!

21,000 original miles!Cabernet Red 560 SL41,000 miles!

Click on each car above to link to its showcase page.  Photos courtesy
Be sure to set aside a good chunk of time to explore Mercedes Motoring's extensive and awe-striking gallery!
And set aside enough time to explore Mercedes Motoring’s extensive, awe-striking gallery!
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Evolution, Nicely Stacked.

History proves especially attractive when nicely stacked together.

The Mercedes-Benz SL:  Evolution proves especially attractive when all generations are nicely stacked together.

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Seeing Another “S-Car-Go”…

…merely to be outdone by its replacement.  So comes number nine, the next in a remarkable line of generations that have closely followed our own… uh, generations. The 2014 S-Class will be joining the Mercedes-Benz U.S. lineup just about any day now.  Meanwhile, the insightfully wordy folks at Vanity Fair have done us the good deed of ranking all “S-carnations” for our careful review– including the brand-new ninth.  Let’s just say that for the order in which they here fall, I do mostly concur– especially with number one!

In any case, here’s to seeing another “S-Car” come and… well, you know.


Click on the photo to see number nine.

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Much More Remains…

The new Mercedes-Benz CLA
 Intrigued?  Yes.  Sold?  Not quite yet.  I’ll need to see more– much more– of this newest member of the family before knowing what I really think.  While her lines are attractive no doubt, I fear ultimate disappointment for– among a number of possible reasons– just being too small for any human being six feet and above.  Then, starting at the entry-level price point, are we not already wondering how many expected amenities are in place– or not– at the outset?  In any event, my attention is present– along with my questions.  Much more remains to be revealed at this point, and for better or worse I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted with the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA.  In the meantime, you might enjoy this photo gallery as much as I do!

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA


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After all these years, she still turns heads.  The now-classic grand coupe continues to grab my attention every increasingly rare time she crosses my path.  Nothing else quite competes with the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC in terms of overall style and simple elegance.  This beauty remains a strong number two on my MBZ wish list!

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When in Stuttgart…

On my list of automotive attractions yet to visit, this one holds its place at the top.

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The One.

Of all the timeless and elegant automotive creations I admire– and aspire to own– this uncomplicated ’80s classic remains at the top of my list.  There’s nothing quite like a well-maintained factory original to command my attention, in red of course.  Recalling my prize sighting two years ago, a 560 SL is still the one in my book!


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On The Nose.

“This must be a 1958,” I declared with quick yet careful thought, if not just calculated guessing.  “You hit it right on the nose,” the gentleman replied.  “1958 it is.”  Oh, how I love it when I’m dead-on with MBZ model years!

Spotting it well ahead of me in the gray-sky distance while cycling through Golden Gate Park, I knew right away this one would stop me in my tracks.  And let me tell you, it was well worth my break in cadence, not to mention an excellent photo-op.  What I had the good timing to encounter has to be the most pristine Mercedes-Benz 190 SL I believe I’ve ever seen in the open air, outside of a showroom or auto show that is.

If you’re even more spellbound than I am and happen to have a bit of cash to spare, this timeless automotive masterpiece can most certainly be yours.  All Steve at CarPlanet will need is the money of course.  See if you can guess this classic’s asking price; you might just hit the figure on the nose!


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Driving The Past Into the Future

More captivating to me than any moment in last night’s enjoyable yet typical Oscars telecast is a commercial that preceded the show’s opening, one powerfully rich in historical presentation, striking a beautiful balance between the past and the present, while launching viewers into an exciting immediate future.

Seconds into the one-minute spot, I was riveted.  As the visual timeline unfolded, I watched closely in awe, smiling all the more.  By the end I was breathless, sold on the “breathtaking” item at hand.  To the advertising professionals who created this piece, I applaud a job beyond well done, thankful for yet another wonderful MBZ showcase I will enjoy watching again… and again.  This product indeed has a lifelong hold on me, after all.

History “drives” us into the future.  True as this can be in most aspects of life, it’s certainly a very powerful advertising principle, one that always works for me no doubt.  This said, the commercial is here for all you car lovers and Mercedes-Benz aficionados to enjoy as much as I do.

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Two in One

The sightings of classic Mercedes-Benz automobiles– two of them, in one day, and in the same neighborhood that is– no doubt call out for a camera.

First we see a 1966 230 SL, followed by a 1972 250 C, both well used yet more than decently maintained.  Not only are these two magnificent cars obviously still on the road, but even better– they’re both still on the road with their original license plates, thus adorning the badge that marks their true age, while allowing a California license plate numbers guy like myself to pinpoint their precise model years and months of purchase.

All in all, I say this was a terrific day to be on foot in San Francisco’s Lower Haight!

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Double Take?

It’s sure to be a winner, or at least that’s my overall feeling at this early point.  I already praised it months ago.  At the same time, I feel compelled to suggest that if you cut off the front end from your line of sight and gaze at the car’s side profile, you might do a double take and wonder for a moment whether or not you’re looking at a BMW 3-Series Coupe.  Not to knock MBZ styling, of course, at least not until absolutely necessary.

No doubt the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe will introduce some serious competition to its supposed lookalike.  I’m looking forward to it.

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My Car of Cars

Apparently someone out there is doing my thinking– and my writing– for me, at least on one very specific and much beloved work of automotive machinery.  Imagine, a website– and domain name even– dedicated to my car of cars.  Better yet, don’t just imagine it.  See it here!

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Upon First Glance…

In the wake of all the praise I’ve been showering onto Mercedes-Benz these days in terms of styling– or that is, restyling– it looks like I must now turn a different nozzle, sadly enough.

Upon first exterior glance it looks like the child of an Acura MDX and a Honda Odyssey, an ordinary one at that.  The interior, I will say, is beautiful, but this of course does not make the immediate first impression.  My initial reaction to the new 2012 M-Class:  I’m disappointed, especially considering Mercedes-Benz’ recent design jackpots.

Take a look at the linked forum and see what you think.  Perhaps it will grow on me.

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Not The Same…

Sans famous Gullwing doors


Word that Mercedes-Benz is producing a roadster version of its nostalgia-inspired gorgeous technological marvel, the SLS, comes as not too much of a surprise.  After all, a roadster followed the original 1954 300 SL Gullwing, and automotive history tends to enjoy repeating itself these days.

Going soft overhead, however, quickly eliminates the most distinctive and famous feature of the SLS.  This is, of course, the unmistakable doors that open overhead, giving the 1954 redux its one-of-a-kind Gullwing name.

No doubt an amazing feat of technology wrapped in a bold and distinctive shell, the doors are what visually define the SLS’ true character and unmatched place.  While countless luxury convertibles exist and compete in all forms, there is only one Gullwing.  An SLS roadster is just not the same.

And that’s– likely not just my– opinion.

The Gullwing stands alone, proudly so.

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Improving On Success

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS: Stunning!

As I’ve previously discussed, Mercedes-Benz styling is on a refreshing upswing these days.  While several models have recently been reemerging more handsome than ever, here now comes one more.

The 2012 CLS is simply stunning, all the way from the aggressive and muscular nose to a smooth and refined backside.  While the first-generation CLS has certainly been unique and eye-catching over the past six years, the second generation clearly and boldly improves upon success. In addition to looks, meanwhile, the mechanics of the new CLS may very well prove superior to those of often-troubled rival Jaguar XF.

As the reviews trickle in, I look forward to witnessing this welcome new member of the MBZ family take its rightful place on the open road.

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Automotive Time Warp

A fascinating journey back in time it was, as I felt in some moments I was reading the article on the date it actually first appeared.  Suffice to say, this piece published in Car and Driver on the numerically catching date of 7-7-77 is well worth a relaxing and informative read for car lovers who appreciate distinctive events of automotive history.

It’s likely no surprise by now as to what make of car I’m discussing here.  The surprises, for me, were for one, that the fastest production sedan in the world at the time, putting out by today’s standards a paltry 286 HP, cost just $40,000 in 1977, and for another, that apparently you could then buy a Rolls Royce for the same price.   No doubt 40 Gs made for a very large amount of money for any car 34 years ago.  Still, I thought the model at hand would have cost a bit more, considering I recall one of its somewhat-lesser relatives costing $39,000 in 1980.  And RR would presumably have been on its own higher plateau, much like today.

The subject of this article remains on my lifetime wish list of models I would love to own.  Many similar enthusiasts share my sentiment, and the buys are definitely out there.  But no power seats?!   Shocking indeed.

If you’re so inclined as some form of a car nut, sit down with a cup of coffee and experience the same automotive time warp that I did.  For all you may already know, there’s certainly enough material at hand to learn something new and interesting.

The Ruler of the Day

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“Welcome to the Family”

In that fantastic Mercedes-Benz commercial that aired during the Super Bowl ten days ago, four new models were “welcomed to the family.”  At that time, I quietly contemplated my surprising realization that I could not immediately name one of them.  We saw the second-generation CLS, the third-generation SLK, the elegantly reigning SLS, and… a fourth emerging family member whom I myself had not yet identified.

The mystery, for me at least, has ended.  Yet another exciting and welcome addition to the MBZ line has been revealed in its entirety, via the Mercedes-Benz Facebook page among other outlets.  My instant take is this:  The new car is handsome overall, even more so when its muscular lines are looked upon from the front and side; the model is very sensible and practical in its place in the lengthy MBZ hierarchy; and perhaps most of all, this addition is sure to be an immediate and formidable rival to its already-established competition, namely the BMW 3-series models of two doors.

I join Mercedes-Benz in welcoming to the family, the all-new C-Class Coupe!

Welcome, C-Coupe!

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Round Three

As the saying goes, the third time’s a charm!  In this case, it’s quite an attractive and muscular charm to boot.

The first generation was just that, the first attempt, albeit a respectable one with spacious room for maturation.  The second generation earned its place of uniqueness, at least when looked upon from its distinctive nose.  And now, the third generation is eminently upon us, otherwise known as the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK class.

Even hotter from the front!

Just as the BMW Z4 has grown up and filled out with each rebirth, so too, and better so may I say, has the SLK.  This new two-seater, retractable-hard-top roadster is simply stunning, taking some obvious styling cues, both inside and out, from its famous and stately uncle, the SLS.

No doubt the third generation SLK will see instant success when it comes to the U.S. this summer.  Overall, I’m impressed by such significant improvement in much of, though not all, MBZ styling in the past couple years.  Perhaps the elimination of Chrysler influence has something to do with it.

In any case, I look forward to spotting the all-new 2012 SLK out on the road, while of course checking it out up close for myself.  Round three will start before we know it!

And that’s my auto-styling opinion.

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Happy 125th!

Wow.  It’s “auto overload” in the best of ways.  Today I stumbled across a website on which I could easily spend an entire evening.  If you too are not merely an auto enthusiast, but a true and dedicated admirer of all things Mercedes-Benz, then you too best visit this very fascinating and educational online destination.

Among numerous categories to explore, I highly recommend the virtual tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, in case you aren’t nearby to see it in person.  While I knew the Pullman 600 remained in production until 1980, and that the 300 SD was the world’s first turbodiesel production car, I was unaware that Princess Diana drove her own 500 SL for several months in 1992.  Suffice to say, a vast amount of MBZ history is elegantly showcased online, and the ultimate compilation is nothing short of extraordinary.

Speaking of history, this happens to be the 125th anniversary of German engineer Carl Benz’ unveiling of his “vehicle powered by gas engine.”  As such, 2011 is a year of celebration for Daimler AG, with the remembrance just this past weekend of one hugely pivotal historical event.  Check out this other very special site as well, connected to the first, to get 125 years of automotive history in 95 seconds, among all else!  After all, Carl Benz is regarded as the inventor of not just what became Mercedes-Benz, but of the gasoline-powered automobile all around.

Happy 125th birthday, Automobile!  And to think, I remember when you were a mere 100.

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Amazing Deja Vu!

This 1989 560 SL has 90 miles on the odometer.

While out on a short bicycle ride around the city this morning, I was stopped in my tracks by a beautiful sight:  A red 560 SL in the showroom window of Mercedes-Benz of San Francisco.  I thought to myself:  “Wow, a 560 SL from the late 1980s has been restored to showroom quality and is now for sale.  I must investigate!”

Mind you, a 560 SL is the car I’ve always wanted and still want, a red one in fact!  (I prefer black interior, however, to this car’s creme beige.)  SLs are always for sale, of course, in various stages of abuse and deterioration.  For one all polished up and on showroom display, I figured the condition of this one must not be all that bad, and the mileage perhaps not too high.

Late this afternoon, I was standing over this timeless classic in both awe and surprise.  The awe, of course, goes without saying, because I adore a red SL, especially in mint condition.  The surprise came with the discovery that Bobby Ewing’s wheels are NOT for sale, and more than this, that they’ve never seen the open road!  This is not a case of only-20K-miles never-been-driven; I mean, literally, this red-on-creme 21-year-old has really never been driven!  The odometer reads 90 miles.  This car has never been registered.  It has belonged to the owner of the dealership, apparently, ever since it arrived in his inventory 21 years ago.  The original invoice is still taped to the window, indicating all of the SL’s features, along with 1989’s grand price total of $65K and some change.

This experience threw me into an odd yet wonderful time warp.  Recalling my many trips to Mercedes-Benz dealers as a teen, I felt now as if I were back in 1989.  Here was this gorgeous German machine, fresh off the assembly line and ready for a home.  I recall the days of looking at this exact same model when it was brand new, and here today the moment returned, most unexpectedly and certainly most uniquely.  Amazing deja vu, to say the least!

This SL is said to be among the owner’s personal collection, with a sign next to it reading:  “For display only.”  I don’t blame him.  After all, 1989 was the final production year of this famous and beloved body style that was born in 1972.  Then of course, as the saying goes, “everything is for sale at the right price.”  I wonder what the right price is in this case.

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