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Not The Same…

Sans famous Gullwing doors


Word that Mercedes-Benz is producing a roadster version of its nostalgia-inspired gorgeous technological marvel, the SLS, comes as not too much of a surprise.  After all, a roadster followed the original 1954 300 SL Gullwing, and automotive history tends to enjoy repeating itself these days.

Going soft overhead, however, quickly eliminates the most distinctive and famous feature of the SLS.  This is, of course, the unmistakable doors that open overhead, giving the 1954 redux its one-of-a-kind Gullwing name.

No doubt an amazing feat of technology wrapped in a bold and distinctive shell, the doors are what visually define the SLS’ true character and unmatched place.  While countless luxury convertibles exist and compete in all forms, there is only one Gullwing.  An SLS roadster is just not the same.

And that’s– likely not just my– opinion.

The Gullwing stands alone, proudly so.

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Posted by on June 15, 2011 in And That's My Opinion, Cars, Mercedes-Benz


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