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All By Itself.

One truly stunning white-on-red classic effortlessly contributes a generous splash of panache to my neighborhood street.  While such a specimen of historic German elegance emerges from a long line of attractive relatives competing for their place, this particular 1961 190 SL also happens to hold its own, making a powerfully nostalgic statement all by itself.

Mercedes-Benz 190SL

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A Fresh Look…

To new homes...

Among all the classic masterpieces already sold, slowly by surely come more for sale via Mercedes Motoring.  It’s always a pleasure to take a fresh look at the remarkable lot.

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Driving The Past Into the Future

More captivating to me than any moment in last night’s enjoyable yet typical Oscars telecast is a commercial that preceded the show’s opening, one powerfully rich in historical presentation, striking a beautiful balance between the past and the present, while launching viewers into an exciting immediate future.

Seconds into the one-minute spot, I was riveted.  As the visual timeline unfolded, I watched closely in awe, smiling all the more.  By the end I was breathless, sold on the “breathtaking” item at hand.  To the advertising professionals who created this piece, I applaud a job beyond well done, thankful for yet another wonderful MBZ showcase I will enjoy watching again… and again.  This product indeed has a lifelong hold on me, after all.

History “drives” us into the future.  True as this can be in most aspects of life, it’s certainly a very powerful advertising principle, one that always works for me no doubt.  This said, the commercial is here for all you car lovers and Mercedes-Benz aficionados to enjoy as much as I do.

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My Car of Cars

Apparently someone out there is doing my thinking– and my writing– for me, at least on one very specific and much beloved work of automotive machinery.  Imagine, a website– and domain name even– dedicated to my car of cars.  Better yet, don’t just imagine it.  See it here!

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Automotive Time Warp

A fascinating journey back in time it was, as I felt in some moments I was reading the article on the date it actually first appeared.  Suffice to say, this piece published in Car and Driver on the numerically catching date of 7-7-77 is well worth a relaxing and informative read for car lovers who appreciate distinctive events of automotive history.

It’s likely no surprise by now as to what make of car I’m discussing here.  The surprises, for me, were for one, that the fastest production sedan in the world at the time, putting out by today’s standards a paltry 286 HP, cost just $40,000 in 1977, and for another, that apparently you could then buy a Rolls Royce for the same price.   No doubt 40 Gs made for a very large amount of money for any car 34 years ago.  Still, I thought the model at hand would have cost a bit more, considering I recall one of its somewhat-lesser relatives costing $39,000 in 1980.  And RR would presumably have been on its own higher plateau, much like today.

The subject of this article remains on my lifetime wish list of models I would love to own.  Many similar enthusiasts share my sentiment, and the buys are definitely out there.  But no power seats?!   Shocking indeed.

If you’re so inclined as some form of a car nut, sit down with a cup of coffee and experience the same automotive time warp that I did.  For all you may already know, there’s certainly enough material at hand to learn something new and interesting.

The Ruler of the Day

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Happy 125th!

Wow.  It’s “auto overload” in the best of ways.  Today I stumbled across a website on which I could easily spend an entire evening.  If you too are not merely an auto enthusiast, but a true and dedicated admirer of all things Mercedes-Benz, then you too best visit this very fascinating and educational online destination.

Among numerous categories to explore, I highly recommend the virtual tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, in case you aren’t nearby to see it in person.  While I knew the Pullman 600 remained in production until 1980, and that the 300 SD was the world’s first turbodiesel production car, I was unaware that Princess Diana drove her own 500 SL for several months in 1992.  Suffice to say, a vast amount of MBZ history is elegantly showcased online, and the ultimate compilation is nothing short of extraordinary.

Speaking of history, this happens to be the 125th anniversary of German engineer Carl Benz’ unveiling of his “vehicle powered by gas engine.”  As such, 2011 is a year of celebration for Daimler AG, with the remembrance just this past weekend of one hugely pivotal historical event.  Check out this other very special site as well, connected to the first, to get 125 years of automotive history in 95 seconds, among all else!  After all, Carl Benz is regarded as the inventor of not just what became Mercedes-Benz, but of the gasoline-powered automobile all around.

Happy 125th birthday, Automobile!  And to think, I remember when you were a mere 100.

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