Driving The Past Into the Future

27 Feb

More captivating to me than any moment in last night’s enjoyable yet typical Oscars telecast is a commercial that preceded the show’s opening, one powerfully rich in historical presentation, striking a beautiful balance between the past and the present, while launching viewers into an exciting immediate future.

Seconds into the one-minute spot, I was riveted.  As the visual timeline unfolded, I watched closely in awe, smiling all the more.  By the end I was breathless, sold on the “breathtaking” item at hand.  To the advertising professionals who created this piece, I applaud a job beyond well done, thankful for yet another wonderful MBZ showcase I will enjoy watching again… and again.  This product indeed has a lifelong hold on me, after all.

History “drives” us into the future.  True as this can be in most aspects of life, it’s certainly a very powerful advertising principle, one that always works for me no doubt.  This said, the commercial is here for all you car lovers and Mercedes-Benz aficionados to enjoy as much as I do.

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