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Automotive Time Warp

A fascinating journey back in time it was, as I felt in some moments I was reading the article on the date it actually first appeared.  Suffice to say, this piece published in Car and Driver on the numerically catching date of 7-7-77 is well worth a relaxing and informative read for car lovers who appreciate distinctive events of automotive history.

It’s likely no surprise by now as to what make of car I’m discussing here.  The surprises, for me, were for one, that the fastest production sedan in the world at the time, putting out by today’s standards a paltry 286 HP, cost just $40,000 in 1977, and for another, that apparently you could then buy a Rolls Royce for the same price.   No doubt 40 Gs made for a very large amount of money for any car 34 years ago.  Still, I thought the model at hand would have cost a bit more, considering I recall one of its somewhat-lesser relatives costing $39,000 in 1980.  And RR would presumably have been on its own higher plateau, much like today.

The subject of this article remains on my lifetime wish list of models I would love to own.  Many similar enthusiasts share my sentiment, and the buys are definitely out there.  But no power seats?!   Shocking indeed.

If you’re so inclined as some form of a car nut, sit down with a cup of coffee and experience the same automotive time warp that I did.  For all you may already know, there’s certainly enough material at hand to learn something new and interesting.

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