My Winners

07 Feb

It should come as no surprise that my favorite Super Bowl commercials were those for cars.  Perhaps the surprise lies in the idea that a rival to my always-preferred Mercedes-Benz seems to have stolen the show, at least in my book.

Of course the MBZ spot was absolutely fantastic and powerfully moving, so to speak, laden with captivating nostalgia while launching us into an exciting future.  It’s at least my number two.  Then, another extensively and brilliantly produced car spot held my attention all the way to its disappointing finish.  In this case, the revelation of just exactly the car being advertised was a pure let down.  Sorry KIA, while your spot had me going there, you yourself don’t excite me.  Thankfully, I got a good chuckle out of BMW’s ad for the 335d, as it poked exaggerated yet somewhat truthful fun at the various “dirty” diesels of yesteryear.  All the while, amid mounds of visual stimulation and historical contemplation, I do believe my choice of favorite Super Bowl ad, if I were to choose just one, has to go to the celebrity-studded work of comedy itself, one I’ll need to watch a couple more times to thoroughly absorb all its crisscrossing elements. This “winner” of which I speak, to my aforementioned surprise, is Audi.  The new A8 has arrived via advertising dominance!

Beer and chips sell themselves as far as I’m concerned.  This said, I do appreciate Dorito’s homoerotic undertones, intentional or not.  Meanwhile, the NFL itself touched the nostalgia nerve in a wonderful way.  And any appearance by the terrifically shameless Joan Rivers, complete in all her camp, always spells success.  Last night’s was no exception. Finally, with another nod to homoeroticism, let’s not forget to “cram it in the boot!”  Mini’s hysterical ad is most certainly my number three!

Out of all of this, including all I’m forgetting to mention, the car ads stand as my winners. I’m just sorry Betty White was too busy to make any appearance this time around!

All said, that’s my opinion!


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