06 Feb

Nothing stuck in my mind.  Upon awaking this morning, I had to remind myself of what we had seen.  Aside from the typical cuteness and expected creativity, on the whole I was underwhelmed.  Unlike last year, when my favorite spots so entertained me that I watched them over and over again, the entire lot this time around just seemed rather dull, lacking those certain anticipated degrees of energy, attitude and pizzazz.

If for some odd reason you missed this year’s Super Bowl commercials– or if you want to see a certain one again– most are right here for your viewing pleasure.

Of course there were some clear standout moments, such as the reappearance this year– after last year’s absence– of the always flawless Betty White, following an only mildly amusing cameo by the sometimes funny Elton John.  Then, history always wins in my book, with nods to Budweiser’s Prohibition spot, the NFL’s safety technology timeline, and even a “mature” Ferris Bueller!  Altogether, out of the generally forgettable bunch overall, a car ad emerges as my favorite unsurprisingly enough, and not Clint Eastwood’s.

Audi was back, but not nearly as powerfully as last year.  In the end, I’m left asking in disappointment:  Where was Mercedes-Benz this time around?  I guess I’ll watch last year’s MBZ Super Bowl spot one more time.  After all, the Super Bowl commercials of a year ago are far more memorable than yesterday’s.

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