The Entire Lot

04 Feb

At least now I know a new member of the family is on the way.  Naturally the spot for the 2014 CLA grabbed and held my attention.  Otherwise, with nods to a band of mischievous senior citizens, a supremely confident young Audi driver, and the indelible words of the late great Paul Harvey, the entire lot this year struck me as rather lackluster.  While Tide did amusingly remind us that “no stain is sacred,” my overall impression remains.

So comes and goes another colorful installment of Super Bowl commercials.  I’m left with just about as little to say as last year, with nowhere near as much to applaud as two years ago.  This time around the game itself proved the more interesting show, close but not close enough as it turned out for San Francisco!

New Orleans put on a good show.

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