To The Very End.

02 Feb

Is it just me, or was this year’s lot of Super Bowl commercials rather bland and underwhelming? Wait, I can quickly answer my own question:  It’s not just me.  Never mind I seem to be saying the same thing every year; 2015 out-dulled itself. Oh sure, we were treated to everything from a JFK voiceover to Kardashian egocentrism, media history vis-a-vis a Couric-Gumbel reunion, celebrity appearances by the likes of Matt Damon and Chelsea Handler, and my personal favorite of the evening– the latest nostalgic nod to television sitcom history with the clever and winning union of “The Brady Bunch” and Snickers.  Still, not enough I’m afraid.

(Courtesy: Shamburger/

Altogether, my favorite moment of the evening came not from an ad, but during the game itself. Imagine that!  The final interception that sealed New England’s win– and Tom Brady’s immediate reaction to it– are far more memorable than any 30 or 60 second “break” from the action.  Unlike last year, Super Bowl XLIX produced a close, unpredictable and truly exciting game to the very end, brawl included!  The commercials will just have to keep trying.

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